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Last week, I spotted a young girl waltzing around proudly with her friends at a local mall, wearing a cute body-con F21-esque crop top. She chose to wear it with high waist jeggings, and I'm definitely one of those who arguably say 'no leggings/jeggings as pants' unless the top covers more than half of your butt. While I thought her top was really lovely, I didn't admire the way she wore it. But then again, it's not her fault. All throughout Pinterest and Google, you'll find crop top inspirations in the form of ladies wearing them with tights and skinny pants. Also one thing to make sure when you go for spandex or lycra pants, especially while wearing any kind of short top is to make sure you have the right kind underwear on. VPL is not a pretty sight!

And of course, based on that, I decided I needed to do a style post with alternatives to wear crop tops and still stray away from the overdone combinations of pencil skirts, tights/jeggings (okay I have jeggings in there as well) and skater skirts while looking classy, because this little post from earlier wasn't enough. I chose this lovely crop top with cut-outs from Vinegar that can be perceived as very sexy and in your face, and worked around five different ways to wear it, without baring too much, and I would wear most of these looks to work meetings. Also coincidentally each look has a bit of blue in it, but in my defense, coral and blue is a lovely colour combination!

1. Pajama pants

Remember when pajama dressing was a big thing? Well it still is. Why not wear a fitted crop top with loose pajama-type pants? I wore a blue cardigan because I wasn't ready to show a lot of skin. The belt somehow completes the entire look and makes it look less sloppy than it would have, and of course makes my waist look good!

2. Crochet Shrug

For this look, I took my hi-low hemline skirt and instead of wearing it the usual way, I decided to change it up a bit and wear it differently. I also added the crochet shrug which not only made the look cute and almost girly, but also added a different texture and a lovely silhouette overall. 

3. Over-sized Blazer

Told you there were jeggings here as well. I realized while you cannot change a person's mind especially when they try to replicate their favourite celebrity looks, forgetting that most of them have stylists and an entire team of experts to see they look good at all times. So this had to be in here.
Enter the over-sized blazer. Baring just a bit of tummy, the blazer helped to cover most other bits and when buttoned up, can actually be passed off as something semi-formal as well! 

4. Not a Pencil Skirt

While everyone again seems to love to wear pencil skirts with their crop tops, I thought why not change it up a bit. Instead of a form fitted skirt, an almost pencil skirt with an unexpected twist at the bottom. The little flounce at the bottom adds a cute twist and edge to this look. Since the skirt was low waist, I had to wear this cardigan, so I used a skinny belt to add more definition and not completely lose my waist. Also I feel that small tiny peek-a-boo skin show is a hell of a lot better than baring your complete midriff. Another one that can be passed off as semi-casual

5. Maxi Skirt

If you didn't like the layering in the previous looks, here's one without any blazers, cardigans or shrugs. The key to pull of something like this is to wear something that is high waist and make sure there's not more than two inches of skin between the end of the top and the start of the skirt/pant.

Coral crop top with cut-outs : Vinegar | Polka pajama bottoms : thrifted from Colaba Causeway (150/-) | Blue cardigan with shell buttons : Max | Elastic belt : Pieces | Coral Shoes : Shoe Mart (Dubai) | Asymmetrical printed skirt : Thrifted from Lokhandwala market 350/-) | Black crochet shrug : thrifted from Hill Road (100/-) | Coral strappy shoes : Shoe Mart (Dubai) | Mint over-sized blazer (wearing size XL) : Only | Mid waist black jeggings : Marks & Spencer | Blue platform pumps : Hill Road (650/-) | Patterned cardigan : Clothes Rack | Black skirt with frill : Zara | Black skinny belt : thrifted from Linking road (80/-) |  Blue maxi skirt : Splash (Dubai) | Aztec wedges : Forever 21 | Neckpiece : thrifted from Hill Road (500) | bracelets : Kotons (Dubai) | Ring : Dragon Mart

Things to remember when wearing a body-con crop top

The key again is silhouettes. When wearing a body con crop top, go for something that is not entirely fitted at the bottom, so hence fitted crop tops and tights/jeggings should be a no-no unless you have something else, like a jacket or a cardigan to balance it out.
The lesser you bare, the classier it looks, although that should go without saying.
You may have got it, but you don't always have to flaunt it because not everyone might want to see it.
You might have refrained from crop tops because of not having a toned stomach, but going in for a looser cardigan can really work wonders there, like it did for me.
P.S : if there's any kind of trend you need to see different style tips and alternative looks for, don't hesitate to contact.

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