Gone With The Wind


My inbox is filled with press releases from various brands and labels. I do make it a point to take a look at all of them, so that if we do collaborate or I need to source for shoots, I know exactly what I need. That's how I met this pretty cape. I loved how they were paired with these pajama pants in their lookbook and I decided to stick to that same look for my video. Since we had brilliant weather that day, I diverted some attention from the video and shot a small outfit post as well, battling the wind but enjoying my 'superhero' moment as well (hence the smug smile on my face)



Trends. Styles. Genres. Everything you do and wear and sometimes even the way you behave are defined by these labels. Everything is. There was a time most of my friends called me a mixture of punk mixed with a bit of glam rock. The studs on my belt and the sequins on my tee defined my look. And when I wore black, I edged closer to the 'goth lifestyle'. With my poker straight hair and a side fringe that fell on my face during my early college years, I fell into the 'emo category'. The fact that I had purple and red streaks in my hair and doodled My Chemical Romance lyrics on my hands and Avenged Sevenfold's bats on my desk didn't help one bit. Was it a phase? I don't think so. I still sing along to 'famous last words' and even contemplated getting the 'death bat' as a tattoo very recently. While my style has evolved drastically, I still like to reminisce about those earlier days. I still love my studs, rivets and spikes, although i wear them differently that I used to.

Crop Top | 5 fun styling alternatives


Last week, I spotted a young girl waltzing around proudly with her friends at a local mall, wearing a cute body-con F21-esque crop top. She chose to wear it with high waist jeggings, and I'm definitely one of those who arguably say 'no leggings/jeggings as pants' unless the top covers more than half of your butt. While I thought her top was really lovely, I didn't admire the way she wore it. But then again, it's not her fault. All throughout Pinterest and Google, you'll find crop top inspirations in the form of ladies wearing them with tights and skinny pants. Also one thing to make sure when you go for spandex or lycra pants, especially while wearing any kind of short top is to make sure you have the right kind underwear on. VPL is not a pretty sight!

Persian Rose


Yesterday I was stuck at the passport office for a bit. So while waiting, I pulled out my book and thinking of what to do. Do I doodle, or get some writing done? Or pen down new ideas, and I unconsciously started drawing. This Persian rose pink blouse had really caught my eye, and I found myself drawing those cute frills and I soon realized this has to be my next outfit post! So keeping in mind what I had, I drew this.

In Bloom


This is the last of the lot in the Dubai series. As you can tell, the Miracle Garden really captured us. Completely. Sheehan and I decided to dedicate these pictures to our mom, who didn't get a chance to visit this lovely place, and she loves flowers. Like really does. So we took all these pictures for her.

Images from the Road


It started with the weekend in Goa and went on from there. The original plan was just a regular road trip with the family, the stop at Goa was a last minute but truly fun thing. In the last week, I've been to Goa, Bangalore, Velankanni, Pondicherry and Mysore (and a few smaller places in between including Auroville - which was one of the highlights of the trip). Here are some images from the week, some of which have already made it to Instagram.

What The Black - The big reveal!


I recently signed up with BlogAdda for WhatTheBlack, where I was going to receive unexpected items at my door step, all which would be clues as to what the final mystery product would be. I was intrigued and since my travel dates coincided with the days these products would turn up home, Sheehan made sure I didn't miss anything and sent me daily updates on it! While she received random items for day 1 and 2, the item for day 3 came along with day 4's mystery product. 
In my head, I guessed nothing, really, I just hoped this would have been a campaign against fairness creams?