Tata Zest - The Review


Photo credit - Carblogindia.com

Over a lovely weekend in Goa, we met with bloggers from different cities to test drive the much hyped Tata Zest. To know more about my Zest experience - click here. This car has been around in the news for a while now. With terms like revolutionary and world class, I'm sure many of you are eager to know more.
After a 2 hour test drive with the manual as well as the automatic (both of which I didn't drive, since I don't actually drive - but I took a lot of notes from my team who did!) we came to the conclusion that we preferred the automatic as it was a much easier drive. I experienced the steering and suspension. While the steering is lighter than any other Tata vehicle, the suspension is lovely and we hardly felt any of those bumps on the road.
While I cannot get into the main technical aspects like the Revotron 1.2T or the F-Tronic and the AMT (because I really don't know these things!) I can tell you what piqued my interest. The ConnectNext feature. This amazing little thing has advanced Bluetooth to which you can connect multiple devices at a time and a system that has text message notifications and readouts. A touch screen version on some of the higher end models as well as advanced voice command recognition and finally 8 speakers installed for the best surround sound! 
Another lovely feature which made it sound like this was a video game was the different multi-drive modes. While driving, you can switch to three different modes - Eco, Speed and City.
The eco mode is meant for highway cruising and has maximum fuel efficiency, while sport of course added that burst of power, whenever needed, and finally city which is the perfect balance of power and mileage for urban driving.
Basically the Tata Zest is a compact sedan which was designed keeping in mind navigating and dodging India traffic, as well as, accommodating large Indian families.
Looking at the faces of those who did get to drive the Zest, I'll have to admit, I was a bit jealous!   

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