Let's swap clothes!


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For the past year, I've been trying to have a 'clothing swap' meet with my blogger friends. All this planning only happened on email, on whatsapp and in between events but somehow we never got around to actually doing it. Call it laziness, or work overload or even last year's monsoons - things just never worked out for us. However, I'm happy to announce that Swapzaar, is a newly launched venture, where you can swap anything from clothes to collectibles with other users.

So basically, your can put up your pre-owned or 'that dress that's been hanging in your closet with the price tags still attached which you know you'll never wear' up for swaps. Besides things that clutter up your wardrobe, you can also add in collectibles- books, magazines, etc. The good thing is that the website is curated, so before anything goes up for swapping, it gets reviewed before approval. So be sure of the quality and even the resale or re-swap worth of what you're putting up!
Swapzaar doesn't use a cash system, instead they use buttons, aka Swapzaar credits. To make a swap or purchase you have to have the correct number of buttons (1 button = 100 rupees). To know more about this system, go through their FAQs here.

To swap something, simple upload your garment/accessory. The process is a piece of cake. They lets you upload 3 images for every item, so make sure you make the most of that. In case of a garment or a pair of shoes, please do mention the size and the fit. Also it's essential to write about the wear and tear (if any) on them. While cell phone pictures are deemed okay, make sure you hang your garment well or lay it out properly, and most importantly, lighting! Make sure you have well lit pictures!
Also make sure your images are based in the right orientation, most of my vertical cell phone images got uploaded as horizontal, and there's no way to fix that yet, besides deleting and re-listing the outfit, which I am a bit lazy to re-do, hence you will have to tilt your head to see my stuff.
I invite all of you to join and be a part of Swapzaar, especially if you are an avid DIYer like me. You never know what you might find. Also it goes without saying, the more the merrier, as in more users, more items up and more swapping! Also till the end of this month, they're running a promotional contest. You could win 700 rupees worth credits by just uploading 7 items to swap. More details here.

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