La paix intérieure - Auroville


While I set out on a week of travel in the form of road trips to the South of the country, one of my main attractions was Auroville. I had heard a lot about it, and I never made it there on my previous visit to Pondicherry. This time, there was no excuse, and we made sure we visited.
Auroville is indescribable. It strives to be a community and a city by itself. With the kind of teaching it follows, it welcomes people from all walks of life from all over the world. Of course the main 'attraction' as tourists would call it would be the Matrimandir. Which is this beautiful gold orb-like structure that's almost in the center of this civilization. A meditation center for it's people. To help you find la paix intérieure or inner peace and live in harmony.

I may have found a bit of inner peace after I found some cellphone network!

Tunic (worn as a dress) : Ethnic by Reliance Trends | Sling bag : Christian Siriano for Payless (Dubai) | Tibetan Neck piece : Flea market in Goa | Cat-eye shades : Forever 21 (Dubai) | Braided footwear : thrifted from Hill Road | Bracelets : random places and souvenirs from shoots and fashion shows.

Photographs taken by my mom.

Tips and reminders while visiting Auroville.

- It's best to go early and preferably on a weekday if you want to avoid crowds and get an easy entry inside. We left at 8 and were done with our visit by 11-11:30.
- Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. It's a bit of a walk and it can get hot at times.
- Remember, access in to and around the Matrimandir is very limited and are not usually given to tourists, however if you call a day or two prior, you might get admission to enter and see the inside.
- If you do get to enter, bags, cameras and cellphones are not allowed inside and will have to be left out.
- The matrimandir is a place of solace, and must NOT be treated like a tourist attraction.

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