A weekend in Goa


Clockwise : Neha Kapoor, myself and Ila Johari
When BlogAdda told me to block my dates for a trip to Goa for an 'eventful' experience, I was really excited. This was before I learned this was to experience and test drive the Tata Zest. I for one, do not have a driver's license and so I thought I did not fit in here. Even my phone auto-corrects 'cars' to 'cats' at most times! However they encouraged me to still come and have a 'Zestful experience'. So along with a few blogger friends, we landed in Goa on Saturday afternoon and headed to the Zuri White Sands resort. We were rushed off to a late lunch and then welcomed by the BlogAdda team and met other bloggers from Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. 

Cakes for bloggers!

Between nibbling on cakes, a few of us rushed to the hotel's private beach because no Goa trip is complete without toes touching sand! So a round of selfies and poses and surprisingly no jumping beach images, but there's always next time. I hope!

Serene moments at the beach

What followed was a masterclass session with a small team from Tata where we were told firsthand and given the lowdown about the Tata Zest. From design to engineering and features, they covered it all. I thought I would be bored, but it was very interesting and really informative. Our host for the event, Miss Malini introduced the surprise guest, none other than Narain Karthikeyan who also spoke to us. Followed by which we had dinner and retired to our rooms. 

Miss Malini and Narain Karthikeyan

Waking up early on a Sunday morning is a pain, however, the excitement to test drive the Tata Zest killed it and I was really looking forward to it. We got put into teams of three and had 2 hours to drive the manual as well as the automatic Zest. 

Tata Zests lined up for us

I had a lovely team - Mansi and Aravind. Both of who drove the cars, and I enjoyed in the back seat or passenger seat and spent most of the time taking pictures and videos. To read the Zest review, click here.

The Self-ception image for the selfie contest

It was a lovely weekend and kudos to BlogAdda and Tata for getting all various bloggers together - from fashion to make-up and beauty to literature and tech to have this wonderful experience!

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