Sand in my Lipstick


Going to Dubai after almost eight years was a bit of a culture shock. So many changes. Also I wasn't a little child anymore (or just a fresh out of school 10th grader) who used to peak at stores like 'Forever 21' and wonder why would anyone want to shop there. Now of course I strut into the place like I own it.

Also all those visits to Dubai when I was younger, I never made it to the desert. I heard about the desert safari and what an enthralling experience it claimed to be. This time, we made sure that in our four week stay in Dubai, we would not miss the safari. And being the opportunist and poser that I am, I wanted to take full advantage of the situation and shoot in the desert (who wouldn't?). We went twice.

I was going to say for the purpose of your own comfort, do not wear a maxi dress to/in the desert, but I was pretty comfortable myself, also there were Indian women in sarees as well. As for my sandals, I kept getting sand in my feet, but I like that feeling, so it was a deliberate choice. It was hot and really windy as well. And of course a lot of sand kept blowing everywhere.
More about the maxi, I picked this one from American Eagle. It was marked down to 60 AED from 200. So I thought it was a great deal and picked it up without thinking twice. A week later, I noticed it was marked even lower, to 40. I almost picked up the other two colours as well. Almost. The week before I left to come back to Mumbai, it was back to it's original price at 200 AED. I cannot figure out what would be the moral of this story...

Maxi : American Eagle | Body chain : Forever 21 | Bracelets (right hand) : Dragon Mart, Dubai | Rings : Fab Alley | Sandals : Call It Spring

After this fine evening, I turned a couple of shades darker and had sand in my dress and particularly my lipstick. Yes IN my lipstick! Also on it, but completely in the tube as well. Never apply lipstick while you're in a desert ladies! So whenever I think of this day, that thought comes to my mind first.

Photography : Sheehan Rysa Photography

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  1. Waouh, the desert is beautiful
    I wish to visit Dubai one day
    You look stunning in that dress, love the body chain