5 Fashion Trends You Don't Need!


Let me start this post with a small disclaimer. While fashion trends and fads come and go each season, the hype behind them are too unreal and stay for a long time. While you should get inspired by magazines and runway shows and other influence-rs, you must make sure they don't affect all your sartorial and beauty choices. Instead of blindly and religiously following a trend, it really helps to stop, think and analyse if the said trend would work for you or not, because every woman is completely different from the other, when it comes to factors like style and shape- both of which play a major role while dressing up. So let's not get too carried away now.

Before I sound like a hypocrite (because I simply love cropped tops) let me say that crop tops are not meant for all body types. If you have a boyish figure and a well toned stomach, it's perfect for you. If you're curvy with a toned tummy, you can still pull it off with the right balance of silhouettes. However if you do have a bit of a tummy and trust me, we all do in some way or the other, it really gets tough to wear a crop top. Also it really takes a gutsy plus sized woman to wear a crop top. Really. If you do not have the confidence to wear one and will keep fidgeting in public, this is really one trend you should skip.
However if you wish to wear one, go for over-sized instead of real form fitted like here. Or layer a crop top under a sheer blouse or a button down shirt. Or if you're wearing Indian wear, you can combine your crop top with a saree!
Cara Delevingne's street style looks have to be the best model off duty/normcore/sport luxe looks I have ever seen. Ever. But maybe it's pushing it a little too further and asking everyone to get their eyebrows done like Cara's. Sure they're beautiful, but on her!
When I was younger, and before I was introduced to all the works that happened in parlours, my eyebrows looked somewhat like that, if I would have filled it in with a brow pencil. But they were the same shape and size. I even had an aunt who always asked me why I never got them shaped!
But seriously, eyebrow shaping is a science by itself and depends on the shape a person's face and the forehead size, and also the eyes. The wrong eyebrows can really make you look ridiculous.
If you still insist on having Cara's brows, have a look at this list first and you can try you Photoshop skills as well to see the results..
Overalls are like an alternative version of the jumpsuit. Over 85% of them are made in denim and hence the fabric mostly is thick, unless it's made in a jeggings style. The key to wearing overalls is to find the right fit and the most flattering cut, most of which do not exist, and even if thery do, they are really hard to find!! Most of them come with the worst pocket placements!
On my trip to Dubai, I really wanted to get overalls, and I went to a number of stores and tried on almost all the pairs they had, but I never found anything flattering. My style would be a relaxed - boyfriend jeans sort of fit. But I could not find it. I have seen them being sold online, but denims are one thing I'd prefer buying from a shop, so that I can check the fit before I make a purchase.
If you still need to wear overalls, make sure you don't settle for a mediocre fit. Skinny and petite women are luckier and can wear the skinny jeans - overalls combination well. While the curvy ones can go in for boot cuts or a relaxed fit. Plus sized ladies can take a look here for a small guide.
Images of Kim Kardashian with her before and after contouring images have made their rounds all over. Many young women have also posted their own before and after images as well, and of course the results are simply outstanding. With contouring, you can make your nose look slimmer, cheekbones stand out and completely transform the aspect of your face. 
While those before and after images seem so radical and different, most women fail to understand that contouring really does not work in a normal situation and is a mix of lighting and shadow, because basically contouring actually is 'highlighting your assets and shadowing your flaws'.
Before you contour, I highly recommend giving this a read. Here's what Nick Barose, who is has been doing Lupita Nyongo's make-up recently, has to say about contouring and red carpet make up in general. He had me 'You can't just give yourself a new face. People start to expect too much of make-up'
Since contouring is more of a dramatized look, save it for special occasions for a night out instead of making it an everyday routine. 
This is another trend that I actually love. I have so many skater skirts. For those of you who don't know, skater skirts are these thigh length skirts that are a little more flare than the usual A-line. The name is derived from figure skater's costumes and uniforms and they could be full circle or half circular.
Now the chic part about skater skirts is that they are mostly high waist and work really well when it comes to camouflaging a bit of a tummy. However the worst part is that they mostly hit at thigh length. Most Indian women are pair shaped. This is the most unflattering silhouette for a pair shaped woman because all that skater flare just accumulates right at the hips and will accentuate them. Also not everyone has the best thighs to flaunt around. Instead of skater skirts, go for a midi length skirt, but it doesn't always have to be a full skirt.
But then again, fashion is said to push boundaries and experiment. So if you want to play safe, maybe the above might be applicable to you. If you have any other trends/fads you would like to this list, let me know, so it can make it to the next follow up post.
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