5 Fashion Trends You Don't Need!


Let me start this post with a small disclaimer. While fashion trends and fads come and go each season, the hype behind them are too unreal and stay for a long time. While you should get inspired by magazines and runway shows and other influence-rs, you must make sure they don't affect all your sartorial and beauty choices. Instead of blindly and religiously following a trend, it really helps to stop, think and analyse if the said trend would work for you or not, because every woman is completely different from the other, when it comes to factors like style and shape- both of which play a major role while dressing up. So let's not get too carried away now.

Sand in my Lipstick


Going to Dubai after almost eight years was a bit of a culture shock. So many changes. Also I wasn't a little child anymore (or just a fresh out of school 10th grader) who used to peak at stores like 'Forever 21' and wonder why would anyone want to shop there. Now of course I strut into the place like I own it.

The Loot Is On


When I was contacted by Zoutons, to check out their website, I assumed they were a clothing brand. But when we spoke in detail, I got know there were actually a website that helps you get amazing deals. I was honestly a little disappointed. Images of printed cotton dresses and cute blouses were reluctantly erased from my mind, and then I went on to check out Zoutons.

House of Flowers


Another day in super sunny Dubai and this time instead of my skirts and dresses, I decided to switch it up and wear the bright trousers I got from the Marks & Spencer's sale back in Mumbai, eons of years ago. Also talking about sales in Mumbai, these cute Aztec wedges are one of the awesome sale finds, in Zara, for 990! Funnily, it was the last pair and in my size (well almost, they are half a size bigger than what I usually wear, but I'm not complaining) Still too good to be true. Also I'm in love with the Aldo mini sling, which is technically a wallet sling and is just for cash, cards and a cell phone, but I managed to fit in a lipstick, my iphone + charging cable and my mini power bank charger, while I left the cash to Sheehan. But I found it like a pleasant change, where instead of carrying a huge bag or even a sling bag with my things (cash, receipts, make-up, etc) all mixed and muddled up, all I had was this cute mini sling, with tiny compartments that looked like just a wallet. It's my new shopping companion!
The great thing is, the sales and offers here in Dubai are pretty amazing as well, and I might just share my shopping haul soon. I'm still in the search for the best places to shop and the best bargains and discounts here as well.

Striped button down blouse : Charlotte Russe | Pink trousers : Marks & Spencer | Monochrome Aztec wedges : Zara | Sunnies, mini wallet sling, bracelets and watch : c/o Aldo UAE | Neckpiece : Fab Alley | Belt : Only 
Photography : Sheehan Rysa Photographie
Location : Miracle Garden Dubai

Crop It Like A Boss


Two words that have been severely misused this season are 'crop tops'. Wherever you go, Forever 21, Zara, H&M, or even those shopping portals you visit, all you can mostly see are crop tops! While crop tops can look chic on your favorite celebrities and on all these gorgeous skinny models, how is a regular girl supposed to wear one without looking too flashy and revealing a little too much?

Well it's already common knowledge, that the best way to wear a cropped top is with something that is high waist, whether it's a pair of trousers or denims or even skirts or shorts, so that instead of showing off your entire midriff, you show off just a teenie tiny hint, which is considered chic as compared to a little bit trashy.

Aldo re-opening, Mall Of The Emirates Dubai + 5 Block heeled shoes you need!


Last week, Aldo celebrated the re-opening of their flagship store at the Mall of the Emirates at Dubai. The Mall of the Emirates or MOE is super huge. It was my first visit to this mall and I absolutely loved it!
Onto Aldo, while celebrating their relaunch, the store threw it's doors open to bloggers and media and put on a fabulous display in the form of mini fashion shows and dances. A ramp was set up right in the middle of the store. Models dressed in dapper suits and some in white avant-garde bodysuits walked with Aldo's latest collection, featuring amazing shoes some of them from the Aldo Rise collection and also featured some cute bags. I particularly love the Selfie tote! Here are a few images and a couple of videos from the day.