Hello Motilo, Good-bye Fashion Dilemmas


I can't remember how I came across Motilo, but it was during an ongoing competition on Instagram. It was easy, the rules were to take a selfie wearing clashing colours using the hashtag #fashiondilemma to win £100! So of course I sent one of my pictures (since I LOVE wearing clashing colours). Coincidently, exactly a week before Moschino's Fall Collection, I shot this outfit with the same colours (and I was called a clown by a few people) but hey, I predicted one of the hottest colour combinations of the season!!
And guess who won? Of course during that course of time, I took the effort to get acquainted with their website as well and realized how fun it actually is.
When you register at Motilo, you can ask a fashion dilemma. This could be anything from 'How to wear all white' to 'what to wear to impress your boss' or even 'how to dress when you have a hangover' and have someone from the community help you figure out exactly that. Or, if you consider yourself a style guru, you can style your own looks.
Here are a few looks that I styled and created.

How to wear Spring Florals

 What to wear to a Beach Holiday

How to wear neon

 How to wear a bright colour

How to wear a crop top

Besides sharing and styling looks, you can browse through the curated shop and have a look at some lovely clothes and get the latest updates in style and beauty from the Motilo community.

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  1. You are techchic Rox. Love ur posts.

  2. Heart you heart print Top Roxanne and the colour-blocking too. :)


  3. Love the colorblocking too and congrats on winning! Never heard of the site but I'm heading over now thanks to you :)

    The Style Boro

  4. I love all these ítems :-)
    Like your style!!!

    XX julia