Berry Berg vs Green Apple Meltdown


One hot sunny afternoon, Sheehan and myself found ourselves at our nearest Cafe Coffee Day and we decided to sample their new 'Brain Freeze' drinks. So I picked the berry flavoured one (I always pick anything with berries) and Sheehan had a hard time decided and finally went with the green apple. So while we waited for our order, we had this little game to see who's drink would taste better! (We always do silly things like that)
While the berry berg tasted like berries of course and was really yum, the green apple meltdown was surprisingly really good as well and kind of tasted like an apple mojito, without the booze of course. But in the end there could be only one winner.. Scroll down to see who's drink was the best!
 After a lot of sipping and deliberations, we both decided that my Berry Berg was the most slurp-worthy drink!
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Besides these two, CCD also offers a 'Cool Blue' and an 'Iced Eskimo' as well. Drop by to your nearest CCD and pick your favourite Brain Freeze drink!

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