Come Away With Me


So I'm in sunny Dubai, which you might already know if  you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, where I've been posting a lot of colourful shoe pictures. Sorry about that, but I get really carried away by shoes!

On to what I'm wearing, recently, Myntra offered me a coupon to buy anything for a feature on their blog. I browsed a lot and checked all their dresses, and the minute I saw this green and black striped piece, I knew it was the one for me. It reminded me of one of Prada's past collections and I was already in love with it. It also came in two other colours (yellow and purple, and purple even is my favorite colour) but I went with the green. When I received it, it fit like a dream. I also loved the shape it had, this cocoon sort of fit that made it feel like couture.

Hello Motilo, Good-bye Fashion Dilemmas


I can't remember how I came across Motilo, but it was during an ongoing competition on Instagram. It was easy, the rules were to take a selfie wearing clashing colours using the hashtag #fashiondilemma to win £100! So of course I sent one of my pictures (since I LOVE wearing clashing colours). Coincidently, exactly a week before Moschino's Fall Collection, I shot this outfit with the same colours (and I was called a clown by a few people) but hey, I predicted one of the hottest colour combinations of the season!!
And guess who won? Of course during that course of time, I took the effort to get acquainted with their website as well and realized how fun it actually is.
When you register at Motilo, you can ask a fashion dilemma. This could be anything from 'How to wear all white' to 'what to wear to impress your boss' or even 'how to dress when you have a hangover' and have someone from the community help you figure out exactly that. Or, if you consider yourself a style guru, you can style your own looks.
Here are a few looks that I styled and created.

How to wear Spring Florals

 What to wear to a Beach Holiday

How to wear neon

 How to wear a bright colour

How to wear a crop top

Besides sharing and styling looks, you can browse through the curated shop and have a look at some lovely clothes and get the latest updates in style and beauty from the Motilo community.

Bye-bye denims.. For now at least!


I've always been a jeans and tee kind of girl, but this summer, I'm rethinking and replacing my trusty old denims with skirts and dresses, at least during the days. I've already decided, I'm going to go crazy with prints and wear a ton of solid colours as well! So to my trusty denims, I still love you, but we need to take a break for now.

Berry Berg vs Green Apple Meltdown


One hot sunny afternoon, Sheehan and myself found ourselves at our nearest Cafe Coffee Day and we decided to sample their new 'Brain Freeze' drinks. So I picked the berry flavoured one (I always pick anything with berries) and Sheehan had a hard time decided and finally went with the green apple. So while we waited for our order, we had this little game to see who's drink would taste better! (We always do silly things like that)
While the berry berg tasted like berries of course and was really yum, the green apple meltdown was surprisingly really good as well and kind of tasted like an apple mojito, without the booze of course. But in the end there could be only one winner.. Scroll down to see who's drink was the best!
 After a lot of sipping and deliberations, we both decided that my Berry Berg was the most slurp-worthy drink!
g6d4Vf on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs
Besides these two, CCD also offers a 'Cool Blue' and an 'Iced Eskimo' as well. Drop by to your nearest CCD and pick your favourite Brain Freeze drink!

A few lessons learned..


If you thought I was the biggest poser in my house, you certainly got that wrong. The biggest poser at home is mom. She loves to dress up and she loves to click pictures. There are some real old retro pictures of her all decked up with the ultimate poses in only what I would call the craziest clothes from those times. Currently, she has about more than 200 photo albums on Facebook! I have like around 35 maybe. She also carries her digital camera to all parties, and everyone just relies on her to take pictures. She's like the unofficial photographer for all parties and outings.
Sheehan definitely got her photography skills from mom.
Another thing is, when Sheehan and I were infants, she made some of our clothes herself. And then when we were toddlers, she would not make them herself but get them made. So I have vague memories of running along with Sheehan in Jogger's Park, wearing matching clothes. And that didn't stop there! Sometimes all three of us would colour-coordinate. So really, before I started doing it with my friends, I was already doing this whole wardrobe match-up with mom and Sheehan.
Mom is also a real good DIY-er. She likes to make everything, by herself. Including that colourful crepe backdrop in the pictures below. We helped of course. I'm trying to get her to start her own DIY blog for a while now. But now you know where or rather who I get my DIY and posing skills from!
So we decided to have a mini mother's day photoshoot, just like old times, with a colour coordinated wardrobe. So we three posed on this very sunny and reflective terrace with squinty eyes for the camera!
One of those colour and print coordinating times.
Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely mommies who inspire their kids in so many ways than one.

5 Timeless Style Lessons | Audrey Hepburn



- Audrey Hepburn

Think of Audrey Hepburn and there's usually one image that comes to everyone's mind, the character Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's with a look from the dress to the accessories and hairstyle that has become so iconic that it has been the inspiration for tons of modern day photo-shoots and magazine covers already.
On what would have been Hepburn's 85th birthday, we decided to honour her with a post and I thought of thinking beyond Holly Golightly and actually embodying Audrey Hepburn herself. Here are five lessons in style picked up from the fashion maven herself.

A strand of pearls

While Audrey might have not worn pearls as often, she did wear them occasionally. The thing about pearls is, they can take any outfit and pull it up a few notches and make it look amazingly classy and elegant. I like a long strand of pearls which can be wound around my neck, multiple times so that I can adjust them according to my neckline.

The Cat-eye

Cat eyes have so popular and have been passed down from the early decades. Of course modern women prefer the bat-wing over the cat-eye. Audrey however made sure her eyes were not too exaggerated as well. Like Audrey, I think subtle is the way to go and instead of liquid liner, I prefer a pencil.

The Red Lip

From Audrey herself - "There is a shade of red for every woman." 
I just live by my red lipstick and I personally believe it's the most classic shade ever and it goes with everything!

The Black Tee

Audrey was often seen wearing black full sleeved and sometimes turtle neck t-shirts. It's amazing how she could make something so odd and basic look so fabulous. She wore hers with cropped black cigarette pants.

 The Black Pump

Audrey preferred her ballet flats and kitten heels over platforms or any other type of shoe. While not many woman wear kitten heels, I feel the black pump is a staple for every woman as it is a classic piece.
All pictures by Sheehan. Edited on VSCO.

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Summer is Coming

For those of us who love summer... getting ready for the vacations, the travel, the cut-off shorts... is almost just as fun as the actual summer months. This week we have a fantastic roundup of everything you need to know to get ready for summer. Purging your closet, getting festival ready, getting your nails all done and so much more. So grab your iced coffee and cozy up, these links are fantastic!

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

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