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Earlier this month, I was invited to take a look at Arrow's new SS'14 collection. Since I have been doing a ton of menswear shoots (at work) I decided to make it a point to not miss this one. So off I went to the Linking Road store where the head designer explained that each of their designers had some sort of inspiration of their own while designing this collection - the social guy came up with a birdie print - think twitter, the geek came up with a print resembling bytes, then there was the foodie who came up with a 'chilli' print, an analyst that designed a 'bubble wrap' print and the nature lover who incorporated leaves in his print.

Arrow teamed up with GQ to create this lovely editorial lookbook for the Imprint SS'14 collection

What's nice about these prints, is that as distinctive as they are, they are not loud as most prints tend to be. These shirts are the perfect 'from office to evening wear' pieces that most guys need in their wardrobe!
One of my favourite prints was the birdie print, which seems to be the best selling piece.
Jason wears the 'bytes' print, while Greg wears the fun bubble wrap print.
Greg wears the 'birdie' print while Jason wears the 'chilli' print.
Picking a favourite print would have been tough, but I was in love with the birdie, the chilli and the bubble wrap print. So I decided to get my dad the bubble wrap one. Here he is, in his bubble wrap shirt! I love the fun pop of colour via the yellow finishing that's used in the collar and inside the placket.

Images via Arrow.

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  1. Ummm... Wow, I'm loving this collection! Outstanding review. (:

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