7 Apps for the Fash-INSTAGRAMMER


Ever since I joined Instagram, I have been obsessed, completely. From images of sunsets to a serious overuse of the 'instacat' hashtag to a complete UV light party phase to awkward selfies that no one wants to really see to few hundred random OOTDs to the used and constantly abused 'Xpro II' filter phase, I've been through it all in the last two years! Then I came across great users who inspired me to share better pictures, because only my stalker would want to 'double tap' another mirror selfie of mine.
So I went on an app spree, where for the past year now, I've been trying out and experimenting with my pictures and various apps, and it shows in my feed. If you compare my first two months on IG compared to the last two, you could think it was two different feeds completely.
But I think right now, I'm pretty happy with my images and I even tend to advise a few friends on filters and apps they might need to use to make their pictures look a little better. That's when I thought this needed to be a post!

So here are MY top 7 apps (one or two of which I always use, before I upload ANYTHING to Instagram)
While you might not really NEED these apps, you might still find them really really helpful. I use most of these apps to edit most pictures, whether they need to make it to Instagram or Facebook or even sometimes here on the blog.

Additional presets and filters can be purchased
Compatible with iOS and Android

VSCO cam is my go-to app. Most times, I transfer images (meant for the blog - including outfit posts) directly to my phone, just so that I can edit and add filters via VSCO! With amazing camera features and really awesome presets (which can be customised further), I think everyone needs this app!!

My favourite filter is the F2. I use it almost all of my pictures!

Compatible with iOS and android

My favorite part of Snapseed is a feature called 'selective adjust', which you might know from Photoshop. So you can select an object (like a pair of shoes or a dress) and change the contrast and brightness to make it even brighter and really stand out. Then you can play around with their 'drama', 'vintage', 'retrolux' and 'grunge' filters, each of which have adjustable elements to add brightness, contrast, saturation, etc., to your images. I generally use Snapseed to rescue my dark images, and then I continue to edit them on VSCO.
Below are a couple of examples!

A tiny hint of selective adjust to make the dress and the sun rays that hit the water stand out.


Additional packs can be purchased
Compatible with iOS 

I know of a hundred collage apps (literally) but Fuzel is the only one I've kept all this while. In fact I have the old version (that cannot even be found in the app store any more and the new one as well)! The most amazing thing is that you can cut and create your own collage grid, unlike the regular collage apps that come with the same old rows and columns.  Besides making your own collage grid in the edit section, you can change the ratio of your collage from a 1:1 to a 16:9 and even to a Facebook cover picture ratio! And to top it off, you can now add music to your collage and make it into a mini video.
After a lot of trial and errors, I managed to get 'ROX'


Additional texts can be purchased
Compatible with ios and Android

Phonto is my favourite typography app. There are some other really good ones as well (like over), but I've grown to love this app. Within the first five minutes after I downloaded it for free, I fell in love and bought all the additional fonts. Also, you can add and install your own fonts as well, besides 'items' like squares, circles, arrows and other 'design' elements to make your picture look really cool. I actually use this app when I'm making presentations as well. Impresses my colleagues so much!

Price - Rs. 110
Compatible with iOS

Say goodbye to Instagram filters for good, because Mextures is pretty amazing. With an endless amount of formulas, you can actually get confused about what you should eventually use! Also there are great many formulas by guest photographers and designers. Apart from that, you can even create and save your own formula. Add grit & grain or add radiance and light leaks or even a grungy effect. Each of these can then be toned up or down and can be blended in with your image. There really is no limit to the number of layers in each formula. There was a time when all Mexturites (including myself) went bonkers with creating images that had 100 layers each and joined the #100layerclub!

Subtle formulas can transform a dull sunrise into something more magical.


Price - Rs. 190
Compatible with iOS

I downloaded this after I saw a really cool edit by an amazing graphic designer on Instagram. He had uploaded a step by step tutorial as well, and the impulsive freak in me downloaded all the apps mentioned there. So after playing around with blender, I realized that there are some really cool things you can achieve with it. It takes time to get used to the masking and erasing, but eventually, after a lot of practice, I managed to blend well enough.
Tip : Sometimes instead of using collages to show an outfit, use blender to show different perspectives on a single image.

Not the sharpest blend, but I'm still getting there.
Literally blending two different images and 'masking' out just a few bits.
I figured I could make eerie ghostly images with this as well!
WARNING! This app might make you vain, if you haven't noticed already..


Compatiable with iOS

Trying to fit a landscape or portrait oriented image into a very restricted Instagram crop? Squaready is a blessing then. With a bunch of tweaks, you can add the perfect crop to your image. This app also allows you to save in PNG format, apart from Jpeg, and also gives you size options as well which is really perfect, especially if you want to re-edit or open the image in another editing app.

 Align your landscape oriented image in the center.

Or play around with the alignment and make one side's border thicker than the other.

Check your instagram preview before uploading.
Coming up with these top 7, really took a lot of time. In fact when I planned this post, it was top 12! So I had to cut down on  few!! Let me know if you know any great apps as well!

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  1. Great post! Didn't know about a couple of these apps. I'll for use them next time I take shots for my fashion posts!

    Sincerely, Toni

  2. I have two of them.. snapseed and square ready but the others seem so much more awesome in contrast... ! I have to get them now and experiment. !!

    What I loved is that you shared tips along with the app names... really shows that you must be a seasoned user :) And also makes me want to check out your insta!


    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  3. Favorite this post! Thank you!!! :)

  4. Wow! Didn't know about most the apps!