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I've been obsessed and fawning over monochrome for a long time already. If you saw some previous outfits, you would have definitely noticed it - here, herehere and here. I've decided to dedicate this entire month to the trend. Lets call it - Monochrome March with a new post every Monday (which is pretty ambitious since this is the craziest month for me, work-wise). So today, it's a print clash kind of day. The window pane print became a huge thing this fall and Aztec seems to be following close behind. So I of course decided to wear them both, together.
Since both of them are such strong prints already, I wore a long jacket, to add a small break and make the look a little more neutral and balanced. The crème de la crème is that cute canvas sling bag that seemed to blend in perfectly with everything!

Printed mini dress - Dubai | Window pane leggings - Hill Road for 250/- | Black dress worn as jacket - Kalina Sunday market for 200/- | Aztec print canvas bag - LimeRoad | Glitter ballet shoes - La Judi, Hill Road | Neckpiece - c/o Pieces | Belt : Motivi | Wrist clasp - Forever 21 | Watch - Guess | Cheeks - Oriflame Studio Artist cream blush - Soft Peach 

Tip : When embracing monochrome all over, wear a bright lipstick! I'm wearing Max Factor's 'Ruby Tuesday'

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  1. Such a different and fresh take on monochrome! Love!

  2. I love monochrome as well.. happen to have a window pane check blazer :) Your outfit here and the way you have chosen to explain it. breaking into steps so that it could be easy for other's to replicate as well, that is commendable :)

    And that bag! I love it! I had been eyeing it on lime road for a while as well... Don't know Why I didn't go ahead.. it looks fabulous!

    I am always happy finding Indian bloggers.. so yay to finding your blog. :) Looking forward to your monochrome series. I have followed you on bloglovin.


    Swati @ The Creative Bent

  3. This is a fun take on monochrome. Love the pants!
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  4. beautiful outfit! you mixed the prints really well! hope you can take a look at my blog and follow if you'd like x