Monochrome | Sport Luxe + DIY Appliqué Clutch


Head2heels Sport Luxe DIY Clutch
The last in the monochrome series. Since this is the end of the entire monochrome bit, I thought this post deserved a little something more. So here is an exciting video, our first ever, we shot earlier this month, which is a stop motion DIY video. Also now that we have a video, we also have a YouTube page! Scroll to the bottom to watch the video.

Monochrome | Beat the heat


Summers and whites always go side by side, that's what everyone says, and, wearing black (or any other dark colour) is supposed to be a complete big no. But actually both are pretty favorable. While white can make you feel cool, black actually stops the harsh sunlight from getting to directly you as well.

Monochrome | Coloured Accents


I wondered how I would fit in the festival of holi with my monochrome month. The best I could do was to add colourful accents in the form of accessories. So here is a mix of some neon and bright colours. This week, I also tried mixing it up a bit. I have this asymmetrical skirt with the kind of flare that never seems to end and so, instead of wearing it as a skirt, as usual, I decided to change it up a bit. So I pulled it up, and cinched it at the waist, and there I had a unique and pretty top!!

Monochrome | Back to Basics


Continuing this monochrome series with an outfit that is more me. On a daily basis, I'm more of a jeans + tee kind of girl. When I'm working, comfort always has to come first. So I wear sneakers for most of my shoots and shows.

Monochrome | Clash of the prints


I've been obsessed and fawning over monochrome for a long time already. If you saw some previous outfits, you would have definitely noticed it - here, herehere and here. I've decided to dedicate this entire month to the trend. Lets call it - Monochrome March with a new post every Monday (which is pretty ambitious since this is the craziest month for me, work-wise). So today, it's a print clash kind of day. The window pane print became a huge thing this fall and Aztec seems to be following close behind. So I of course decided to wear them both, together.