The exact word I would use when it comes to labels and brands.
I was at the mall the other day, and I overheard two very excited girls talking about this 'really awesome' pair of ripped jeans they managed to find at *insert brand name* and that one of them paid around 4k for. I had to bite my tongue and stop myself from saying me too. Although I found it on the streets of Hill Road for 450, after bargaining.
Then they went to to what they were wearing.. 'Oh I love your bag' 'Oh, yes, I got it from *insert brand name* for 3k only. But those shoes you wore the other day are superb.' 'Those I shopped online from *insert popular shopping portal* for 7.5k. Soon I realised they were just going to show off and name drop and include prices, so I zoned out of their conversation. Yes I hate these long lines at the trial rooms!

I for one, like a healthy mix of branded AND non-branded items. If you follow Head2Heels, you would have noticed by now, I'm a sucker for bargains and I buy most of my jewellery and clothes off the streets of Hill Road.

There are some things you will have to splurge or spend on, and then there are some, that can be found easily on the streets.
P.S - Its super cold in my office and I wear sweaters and cardigans to work daily! Also I'm really into this whole sweater and shirt combination. Need more inspiration, check out my pinterest board.

Outfit Breakdown

Shirt - Borrowed
Sweater - Linking Road (200/-)
Skirt - Koovs.com
Neon belt - Splash
Spiked bracelet - Bangkok street shopping
Earrings - FabAlley (part of a jewel box)
Black and white wrist cuff - gifted (Forever 21)
Neckpiece - Hill Road (Raju's)
Pink sling bag - Max
Blue boots - Gifted (USA)

Overexposed edit : VSCO cam

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  1. Such a great print on that skirt, Roxanne :) And I completely relate here: I thrive on bargains, whether on the street or at high street stores at a sale. Apparently few people see the wisdom of that today :D


  2. LOVE the styling...and great accessorising! I am a sucker for bargains too... brands or no brands...it doesn't matter
    Dazzle and Sizzle

  3. Great post, Roxanne. I have seen people buy brands just to flaunt the names around. Like you said, loads of similar stuff for 1/4 the price can be found on the street. Also, love the earrings and skirt.
    ❤ Amena.
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