Head2Heels has grown so much in the last 3+ years (yes the blog has been up since December 2010!) What started as a pastime for acute boredom at work, and a lot of researching and reading of fashion related articles has now turned into a full fledged personal style blog. I don't know why it took so long for me to get my own domain, but I finally did. It's been an amazing journey so far, and I'd like to see it go even further, and beyond...

Vote for us at the BlogAdda 2014 Awards


Big day today. I'm styling for a multi-brand show like I do so annually. With the stress and pressure, there was no time to do a new outfit post, but here is some exciting news. Head2Heels has been shortlisted for the BlogAdda Awards as one of the best fashion blogs in the country. You can cast your vote by liking, commenting and tweeting (or even all three) at the link here.



The exact word I would use when it comes to labels and brands.
I was at the mall the other day, and I overheard two very excited girls talking about this 'really awesome' pair of ripped jeans they managed to find at *insert brand name* and that one of them paid around 4k for. I had to bite my tongue and stop myself from saying me too. Although I found it on the streets of Hill Road for 450, after bargaining.
Then they went to to what they were wearing.. 'Oh I love your bag' 'Oh, yes, I got it from *insert brand name* for 3k only. But those shoes you wore the other day are superb.' 'Those I shopped online from *insert popular shopping portal* for 7.5k. Soon I realised they were just going to show off and name drop and include prices, so I zoned out of their conversation. Yes I hate these long lines at the trial rooms!

First of the year


2014. I think this will be an exciting year. I actually hope it will! Setting myself a few goals. Goals that this time, I will definitely see myself through!
On to what I'm wearing. I've always been crazy after animal prints. After leopard, snakeskin has been my go-to print. I remember a couple of years ago, when interned at a fashion magazine, I got asked who was my favourite designer and why, and my eyes probably sparkled as I said 'Roberto Cavalli because no one does snake skin like he does'