Style Resolutions for 2015 | feat. Noble Faith


What I've always hated about the dawn of a new year is the dreaded "what are your resolutions for the year". While I've never been one to set goals for myself or my career or my body like I see many others do so, this year I decided to go down a different route. Instead of planning to lose my excess weight or go to bed at a reasonable hour, I decided I needed my own style resolutions for the year. So every day, when I dress up, I'm going to follow these thoroughly. These style resolutions are completely subjective as well as open to interpretations as my style is probably different from yours, even though we might have the same dress, so I'm not going to be telling you to wear crop tops and more bodycon dresses!
Talking about clothes, featured in this post, is Noble Faith, a newly launched brand that exclusively retails on Myntra. So all the clothing you will see is either already available or will be soon in January. The brand is very decently priced and and is a mix of commercial meets high street.  For inquiries about a particular garment you cannot find on the website, you can always connect with them on Facebook and they will help you with it.

Great news is, Myntra is also holding a major end of season sale or as they're calling it 'end of reason sale'on the 3rd and 4th of January with jaw dropping deals that are so amazingly good, that you don't need to reason with your self. So with the dawn of the New Year, and with the excuse of acquiring a newer wardrobe, you don't need any other incentive, reason or excuse to indulge and shop for 2015!

A Softer Sparkle


After my whole "I don't know what to wear for Christmas" and the wake of this post, where I had stated my tailor was cooking up something for me, while he did stick to the pattern I gave him, there were a few issues with the fit, that I managed to get fixed and most importantly the shape of the neckline, which I had asked for very low, but he seemed to think high was better. Since there wasn't any time to fix it, the Project Runaway-er in me decided to DIY and improvise, so I just grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it myself and used tic tac clips  and a few safety pins to secure it, because I was actually too lazy to hem it myself. And it worked perfectly fine!
For some weird reason, I decided to go a bit on the "bridesmaid" style when designing this dress. While I already planned on doing a draped style (because I had a ton of fabric to play with), the slit was a last minute addition and very reminiscent of Versace's almost decade old collection back from 2006 but with a moderate version because I cannot be walking around with an upper upper thigh slit. And since it's supposed to be festive, I needed some sparkle and hence used a sequined fabric for the bodice, half of which went under the drape, but still showed through in the light along with an almost matchy hot pink lining for the rest of the dress. With the purple and pink tones down, I added a hint of blue with the heels and jewel tones with the earrings and kept it minimal when it came to jewelry and just added a watch. As for makeup, a nude lipstick and glitter on the eyes seemed apt, especially since I actually wore this outfit at night.
The whole point behind the colours and fabric choices were to stay away from the generic metallic sparkly things that seem to be available everywhere, and even though I love them to death, sometimes you have to be different to stand out, hence I went for a softer sparkle instead of the 'in your face' kind.

Christmas Diary, 2014


I never meant to do a Christmas post. But for lunch with my family, while the table was set, I found myself clicking a million images, much to their dismay and of course most of them were of and with the cats. So it was a hasty decision and the lighting wasn't that great, but we did so anyway.
Christmas has always been a big do at my place, with my relatives that fly back to the country and it's the only time I get to meet them all. After the midnight mass, it's been tradition that friends and some family come over and we sit up till late eating sandwiches and talking and drinking wine and nibbling on plum cake and other sweets.
The images here are in between lunch on Christmas day, with all three cats, who love the decorations and love creating havoc around as well - from attacking the trees to playing with the tinsel and even eyeing the sweets. Sheehan and I decided that while there was the family Christmas tree, we would put up the older one in our room, with the agenda of two Christmas trees = two sets of presents *wink*. From the three of us here, a very Merry Christmas as we stand so proudly in front of mom's pretty DIYed wall.

Un-ocassion at Shazé


Earlier this month at a meet arranged by a dear friend whose blog completed 3 years, I found myself admiring a ring that just took my breath away! Encrusted with stones and a few tiny bugs (yes, insects) it was one of the prettiest things I've seen in a while and even though it fit me like a midi ring, I still loved it and wore it all through the event.
Shazé, the brand behind that ring as well as a load of other luxury items, apart from fashion jewelry which is designed in Italy, include sunglasses, watches, the softest scarves and some really interesting home decor items, and is the perfect place to shop and indulge whether you're thinking of a gift for a loved one or for yourself! With the concept that shopping should not be obligatory and confined only for festive occasions but can be carried out whenever and all through the year the brand unveiled their 'Un Occasion' Campaign that I totally seem to support. I'm all for shopping whenever you feel like it! 
Here are a few images of my favourite items from the event organised by What When Wear and Shazé (including my favourite ring at the bottom)

Festive Attire | 5 easy-chic party perfect outfits for the season


Festive Attire | 5 easy-chic party perfect looks for the season

One morning, I sat up with a start and thought I needed a reality check because I completely forgot we're almost half way through December and I'll be needing various outfits for the Christmas Mass and NYE as well as the random tiny parties that will eventually turn up, like they always do. From the time I was younger, it has been tradition that my Xmas outfit would be made by my tailor and I've always relied blindly on that, and I'm relying on him this year as well, but I did decide to keep a few back ups as well. So if, you are stumped and out of ideas of what to wear and mainly if you haven't had the time to shop for new clothing or, like me, simply forgot, here are a few ideas on what you could wear, where and making use of things you might already have in your closet.

And four years later...


 I'm still that animal print wearing, always has a drink in her hand, awkwardly posing cat lady, and I'll always be!

One fine day, exactly four years ago, sitting in a studio owned by a fashion stylist and designer was a naive young wannabe stylist and Milan returnee who had previously studied lingerie and shoe design as well as wedding dresses and couture gowns pattern making. She wondered what she was doing there at that moment, with the kind of qualifications she had. Well maybe, after a little experience, I will get my own boutique and specialize in bridal wear she thought to herself. And boy, was she wrong. You see out of boredom, sitting in that studio where there was hardly any work at times, I (I was obviously talking about me) would look at various fashion websites and online magazines and read all day. After bookmarking scores of amazing articles, I thought to myself, this was silly, I'll hardly have the patience to filter through 300+ different bookmarks and so without a second thought I started a blog and decided to make my own content!

My Sanctuary | Links à la Mode


This is what a typical day of mine looks like. I wake up at around 10 or 11am (because I'm a night owl and stay up "working" till about 3-4am and I need my sleep. Then through noon till about mid evening, I'll be lounging around in my room, working on articles, listening to music, attending to emails, planning shoots, researching and playing with Puchu. He is with me most of the time, and mostly sleeps through until I wake him up for a hug. Of course he is the biggest distraction around as well. Everything he does is just too cute, and then I HAVE to take at least 3-4 pictures, on a daily basis, and send them to my dad and sister.

Ode to Awkward (and December)


There is a story to this post, and a part of it is pictorial, which you'll see and which will explain part of the title as well. I was obviously super obsessed with my new red animal print dress which I bought to wear in Dubai. Also I shared the love with my new cat bag (which you've seen previously here) and new wedges for the rains - yes I shot this ages ago, during the monsoon. Now the reason I never uploaded this was because it was the most hilariously awkward shoot we did. I'd shot before in front of this wall - here and here - and I heard that it was being torn down. So I wanted to have one last shoot here, before it was all gone.

Solving your fashion "what to wear" dilemmas with okay app



How many times have you stared at your closet and wondered what to wear?  Or you were shopping and were torn between three choices of equally amazing shoes? Or maybe the times you've had everything together, but cannot figure out what will add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit? Maybe it could be a pair of sunnies or a bright bag or even a scarf? When I face these dilemmas, I ask my mom or sister. But there are times when they're not around so then what do I do? That's where Okay App comes in to help you!

A Fire Inside


I'm not at all philosophical but I think great thoughts at time. Also Pinterest is no less. I keep coming across quotes which are inspirational, nostalgic, about love and heartbreak and some which are downright too emo to handle. Each of these invokes a thought (or two) and I cannot stop pinning and thinking. Growth, mistakes, experiments and changes are all things that cannot be avoided and are all part of what makes you who you are. I'm not the same person I was the day before, because everyday is a learning process to fix and maybe better what happened yesterday to make a better tomorrow - and I might sound like the biggest cliche ever, but it is what it is.

Dubai Shopping Guide


I was is Dubai this May and I've put off writing this post for the longest time ever, but of course the destinations don't change. There are hundreds of places to get your fashion fix from Dubai, because the city is brimming with malls and well dressed folks and designer labels. But since this is a personal blog and not a magazine, I decided to share my top 5 places to shop. During my stay there, I visited all these places (and more) but these are the ones that I decided had to be on this list, and of course I made sure they would cater to a designer label junkie as well as a bargain hunter.

8 fun ways to unwind


I think everyone needs a little time off on a monthly basis. While some others on a weekly basis. Whether it's a small breather from your hectic work schedule or crazy household chores or even the bustle of this crazy city, I know I need some way/s to relax and let loose at the end of each week. Here is a small list of suggestions (that work out for me) when I need to unwind.



 While I've never exactly felt the pressure of being an influencer, I always tend to feel the judging looks. The moment someone knows or learns that you blog about fashion and style, they expect you to strut around in the highest of heels and wear the sharpest clothes and they raise their eyebrows if they spot you wearing a pair of denims and a tank top. But I get that. I would have probably judged others in the same way if the roles were reversed.

Mary had a little lamb?


Before the title confuses you, when I say Mary, I of course mean me (who else?) and when I say lamb, I actually mean cat. But Roxanne had a little cat doesn't sound quite right, because Roxanne actually has three cats (and I usually don't refer to myself in the third person voice) but that's my reality. Of course most regular readers have seen images on the blog and Instagram of one particular fat cat, who I always seem to drag and force into posing for the camera, but let me assure you, that's far from the truth!

Links à la Mode: Halloween Hauteness


The lovely people from Independent Fashion Bloggers picked one of my previous posts in their weekly roundup. It's my third feature and I'm truly honoured. Here are 19 other fabulous must see posts.

Halloween Hauteness

If there is one holiday people who love dressing up love, it's Haloween! The day when you can dress up, go over the top, and have a lot of fun. If you do not know what you are going to be this year, take a look at the links for this week and you'll get plenty of inspiration. Maybe even remember you have the fixings for something fabulous right in your closet!

Links à la Mode: October 30th

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Counting Flowers


Here's a little update from a previous post. I finally managed to get most of what I had ordered before Diwali. Still waiting for my shoes and a bracelet to reach me. But once I got this dress, I fell in love with it. Sure the yellow wasn't as vibrant as I wanted it to be and it was missing the belt as shown in the image, but it was still lovely. And the little shrug is my favorite thing for the season, I'm in fact thinking of getting the other colours they have as well. It goes amazingly well with dresses and even ganjis, and folds very nicely. Great for pleasant evenings.

Shopping online, again | #shopquikr


As already mentioned, October has been a month of shopping. This time I set out with a budget of 5,000/- to spend on an extremely popular website - Quikr.
While I've had my love-hate relationship with Quikr in the past (because that's where I went when I was in search for an intern and I received odd calls at all hours since they gave out my phone number) I had never actually shopped there. I've heard of people who did, but somehow it never compelled me enough to take a look or even consider shopping or buying from there.

Ode to Winter | Cosy style options


While Mumbai is completely devoid of this myth called the winters, the rest of the world has to deal with it. And you now what, it really sucks that we don't have a proper one. I just have a closet full of warm wear that's dying to be seen and worn, but the weather really won't let me. And once you've been through a snowy winter, there's really no going back.

Shop spend save, repeat


Floral maxi: Dorothy Perkins, Jabong | Snakeskin sandals: Ezra, Jabong | Pink sling/clutch: Myntra | Shrug: Fashionara | Bracelet: Limeroad (link unavailable since they're all sold out) | Pink neckpiece : FabAlley
I think it's safe to say October is shopping month. Besides the Diwali shopping I also start shopping for cardigans and light weight jackets for the season and I've always felt this is the best time to stock up. And since I'm already in that mood, I was pretty excited when the folks at BonusBay contacted me and told me about their website. BonusBay, just as the name suggests, is a place to earn bonuses when you shop! I of course had to put this to the test myself and so giving myself a budget (4,000/-) to spend on a full look, including accessories.

Festive Elegance


I love this time of the year. Not only does the weather start to get cooler (still waiting on that) but the festivities make everything so much better with all the holidays and the parties and occasional pujas that I get invited to at times. While my wardrobe has very limited Indian pieces, I prefer trying to make an indo-western outfit work instead of going fully desi. I recently took a saree that was not being used at home and got my tailor to make palazzo trousers out of them. With a little western silhouette and a completely Indianised fabric - georgette brocade with polka bhuttis - I think I'm all set for a last minute puja, if the need arises. Since I was going for a different look, I decided a voluminous tunic would do the trick and had to make sure it was colourful enough so that I don't seem to drab. Lastly I mixed a few statement jewelry pieces and decided to go sans earrings (like always) but made up for the lack of danglers with a very quirky clutch.

Pink | International Giveaway


 So this is how I converted what would have been another monochrome look into something different. While I stuck to a neutral palette, I made sure to add in some interesting accessories that stood out but still complimented everything else (including the purple wall well).
What I'm ecstatic about here is (I know I don't look like I am) is that today we host a new giveaway where a lucky reader can win a Daniel Wellington watch of their choice (More on this at the bottom). Of course when it came to picking my own DW watch, I picked the purple canvas strap without any hesitation, because I've always been partial to that colour. My sweet little DW watch is accompanied by two very dainty and pretty bracelets by Silvette, both of which added interesting colours to my otherwise neutral look.

Mess up my hair


 From the time I was a child, I just could not stand anyone touching my hair. I always fussed around even if my mom tried to push my fringe back or if my dad put his arm around me and put his weight on my hair in the process. To tick me off, they did it very often. Even today, I still carry a bit of that trait. While I don't mind getting my hair styled or tied, I'm very picky when it comes to what I do with it. For example, I could be the poster child for a person who doesn't oil or comb their hair. It's miraculous that my hair is the way it is, because I really never comb it. Or maybe that's the reason why.

After the Fall


It's that time of the year we fashion aficionados call 'fall' and kick into our overcoats and cosy jackets and our trendy boots. Unfortunately for many girls, like me, that dream just falls short because we live in a country that really has nothing known as fall. Especially in a city like Mumbai, stepping out in boots is more of a concern than comfort, unless you plan to wear them only after dark (when it's cooler) and for not more than four to five hours, because no ones wants sweaty feet.
The fix: Wear booties, boots that are ankle length instead of calf or *shudder* knee/thigh. Like I mentioned, do not wear them for long hours, because they will get uncomfortable. Another great option would be sneaker wedges.

3 Steps to Sangria


You're either a wine person or you're not. But regardless of what kind of person you are, you will always be a sangria person. Because it's a known fact, everything tastes better with fruit! As promised, here is how you can lay your hands on sangria, at home, without too much experimentation (we've all been there and done that at one point of time) and mess because laying your hands on the 'perfect sangria' is somewhat of a task. Not every joint serves it, and sometimes the fruit they use has seen better days.

Rebel Rebel


Earlier this year when I was in Dubai, we took a day trip to one of the nearby emirate states and visited a local mall that was supposed to be really well stocked with discounted items (Dubai shopping post coming soon!) and while in that mall, I kept getting the looks from a lot of people, so my aunt suggested that I should have not worn what I was wearing, which was this dress. So okay, it was bright pink and had a bustier style thing happening, but after a few frowns from some ladies, I decided to wear something new. So looked for something very relaxed and picked up some relaxed pajama style pants and all I needed was a nice tee. And that's when I stumbled upon this one.
There's nothing really to this tee, however the first thing that popped in my head was Bowie, because of the lightening mark across the front. Secondly it was sheer, at places, and it's something I always love to experiment with. And lastly it had animal print. Oh and I forgot to mention, it's a cropped tee as well! So score for me.



Let me introduce you to the things I've been obsessed with in the last few days (or more). One of them is major wrist stacking, which has been happening for a long long time. I have to put on my watch and at least 3 other bracelets. On days when I don't stack, well those are the days when I'm lounging around at home or if I'm wearing something that has full sleeves that hide my wrist, so I don't bother.

5 things you forgot to do in Goa


With all the generic "top things to do in Goa" - from where to eat and what you have to absolutely do and cannot even think of missing, I thought of straying away from the obvious and doing something different. Here is my idea of things you generally do not do in Goa, but should be doing. All these five little things are all in a day's work as you can tell from the repeated outfit!

Sail Away


One thing I love about travelling is picking what clothes to wear. Of course I usually do my research especially if I'm going to a new place, to check the attractions and places to visit, and the conditions and while I do that, I'm simultaneously planning what to wear when I get there. My Goa trip was a week long trip and started with a friend's wedding which left almost no time for exploration, save two days, one of which was this one. Here we went to visit close friends and we stumbled upon this dilapidated old fashioned house that just looked so beautiful from the outside and just had to be the backdrop for my outfit post.

So... Do You Vespa?


When BlogAdda asked me what I would do if they gave me a Vespa for a few days, I told them without any hesitation, I would learn to ride it (I was just trying to be funny at that time) however they seemed to actually like the idea, and actually decided to give me a bike for a while. And that's how it all began. Here's what you need to know about me, I'm terrified of riding/driving and I don't have a license as well. Because of this phobia, I've never even tried to learn riding, although I did try my hands on driving, but gave up after a few weeks. The Vespa loomed towards me like some sort of temptation.

In A Reverie


 If I talk about how much I love Indian wear, I always tend to get chuckles or laughter from the other end because no one really believes me! I've always admired the grace and elegance that envelops a woman in a saree or any other Indian outfit for that matter. I usually prefer the more traditional take on Indian wear and not the very trendy pieces. I appreciate embroideries and texture details a lot more than I would like bling and swarovski crystal stones on anything Indian. I also find myself more inclined to subtle tones like off whites and duller golds or a darker shade like a navy or even black as compared to something brighter.

Between Takes


 Midst the rains and many stalled shoots and problems with the RTO, more on that later, we finally had a bit of an eventful day. The shoot for our video went well as planned, even though it suddenly rained in between, seconds later we had so much sun that my legs look really white in most of these pictures!

Gone With The Wind


My inbox is filled with press releases from various brands and labels. I do make it a point to take a look at all of them, so that if we do collaborate or I need to source for shoots, I know exactly what I need. That's how I met this pretty cape. I loved how they were paired with these pajama pants in their lookbook and I decided to stick to that same look for my video. Since we had brilliant weather that day, I diverted some attention from the video and shot a small outfit post as well, battling the wind but enjoying my 'superhero' moment as well (hence the smug smile on my face)



Trends. Styles. Genres. Everything you do and wear and sometimes even the way you behave are defined by these labels. Everything is. There was a time most of my friends called me a mixture of punk mixed with a bit of glam rock. The studs on my belt and the sequins on my tee defined my look. And when I wore black, I edged closer to the 'goth lifestyle'. With my poker straight hair and a side fringe that fell on my face during my early college years, I fell into the 'emo category'. The fact that I had purple and red streaks in my hair and doodled My Chemical Romance lyrics on my hands and Avenged Sevenfold's bats on my desk didn't help one bit. Was it a phase? I don't think so. I still sing along to 'famous last words' and even contemplated getting the 'death bat' as a tattoo very recently. While my style has evolved drastically, I still like to reminisce about those earlier days. I still love my studs, rivets and spikes, although i wear them differently that I used to.

Crop Top | 5 fun styling alternatives


Last week, I spotted a young girl waltzing around proudly with her friends at a local mall, wearing a cute body-con F21-esque crop top. She chose to wear it with high waist jeggings, and I'm definitely one of those who arguably say 'no leggings/jeggings as pants' unless the top covers more than half of your butt. While I thought her top was really lovely, I didn't admire the way she wore it. But then again, it's not her fault. All throughout Pinterest and Google, you'll find crop top inspirations in the form of ladies wearing them with tights and skinny pants. Also one thing to make sure when you go for spandex or lycra pants, especially while wearing any kind of short top is to make sure you have the right kind underwear on. VPL is not a pretty sight!

Persian Rose


Yesterday I was stuck at the passport office for a bit. So while waiting, I pulled out my book and thinking of what to do. Do I doodle, or get some writing done? Or pen down new ideas, and I unconsciously started drawing. This Persian rose pink blouse had really caught my eye, and I found myself drawing those cute frills and I soon realized this has to be my next outfit post! So keeping in mind what I had, I drew this.

In Bloom


This is the last of the lot in the Dubai series. As you can tell, the Miracle Garden really captured us. Completely. Sheehan and I decided to dedicate these pictures to our mom, who didn't get a chance to visit this lovely place, and she loves flowers. Like really does. So we took all these pictures for her.

Images from the Road


It started with the weekend in Goa and went on from there. The original plan was just a regular road trip with the family, the stop at Goa was a last minute but truly fun thing. In the last week, I've been to Goa, Bangalore, Velankanni, Pondicherry and Mysore (and a few smaller places in between including Auroville - which was one of the highlights of the trip). Here are some images from the week, some of which have already made it to Instagram.

What The Black - The big reveal!


I recently signed up with BlogAdda for WhatTheBlack, where I was going to receive unexpected items at my door step, all which would be clues as to what the final mystery product would be. I was intrigued and since my travel dates coincided with the days these products would turn up home, Sheehan made sure I didn't miss anything and sent me daily updates on it! While she received random items for day 1 and 2, the item for day 3 came along with day 4's mystery product. 
In my head, I guessed nothing, really, I just hoped this would have been a campaign against fairness creams? 

La paix intérieure - Auroville


While I set out on a week of travel in the form of road trips to the South of the country, one of my main attractions was Auroville. I had heard a lot about it, and I never made it there on my previous visit to Pondicherry. This time, there was no excuse, and we made sure we visited.
Auroville is indescribable. It strives to be a community and a city by itself. With the kind of teaching it follows, it welcomes people from all walks of life from all over the world. Of course the main 'attraction' as tourists would call it would be the Matrimandir. Which is this beautiful gold orb-like structure that's almost in the center of this civilization. A meditation center for it's people. To help you find la paix intérieure or inner peace and live in harmony.

Tata Zest - The Review


Photo credit -

Over a lovely weekend in Goa, we met with bloggers from different cities to test drive the much hyped Tata Zest. To know more about my Zest experience - click here. This car has been around in the news for a while now. With terms like revolutionary and world class, I'm sure many of you are eager to know more.
After a 2 hour test drive with the manual as well as the automatic (both of which I didn't drive, since I don't actually drive - but I took a lot of notes from my team who did!) we came to the conclusion that we preferred the automatic as it was a much easier drive. I experienced the steering and suspension. While the steering is lighter than any other Tata vehicle, the suspension is lovely and we hardly felt any of those bumps on the road.
While I cannot get into the main technical aspects like the Revotron 1.2T or the F-Tronic and the AMT (because I really don't know these things!) I can tell you what piqued my interest. The ConnectNext feature. This amazing little thing has advanced Bluetooth to which you can connect multiple devices at a time and a system that has text message notifications and readouts. A touch screen version on some of the higher end models as well as advanced voice command recognition and finally 8 speakers installed for the best surround sound! 
Another lovely feature which made it sound like this was a video game was the different multi-drive modes. While driving, you can switch to three different modes - Eco, Speed and City.
The eco mode is meant for highway cruising and has maximum fuel efficiency, while sport of course added that burst of power, whenever needed, and finally city which is the perfect balance of power and mileage for urban driving.
Basically the Tata Zest is a compact sedan which was designed keeping in mind navigating and dodging India traffic, as well as, accommodating large Indian families.
Looking at the faces of those who did get to drive the Zest, I'll have to admit, I was a bit jealous!   

A weekend in Goa

Clockwise : Neha Kapoor, myself and Ila Johari
When BlogAdda told me to block my dates for a trip to Goa for an 'eventful' experience, I was really excited. This was before I learned this was to experience and test drive the Tata Zest. I for one, do not have a driver's license and so I thought I did not fit in here. Even my phone auto-corrects 'cars' to 'cats' at most times! However they encouraged me to still come and have a 'Zestful experience'. So along with a few blogger friends, we landed in Goa on Saturday afternoon and headed to the Zuri White Sands resort. We were rushed off to a late lunch and then welcomed by the BlogAdda team and met other bloggers from Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. 

Back in Black


I think there is/was a time in everyone's life, where they went blackDressing in black was either a way of life to some or to express themselves better or just to look slimmer- because there was a time when magazines told us that we needed to wear black to look thin.
I can't remember how I fell into this category, but I did. It was influenced heavily by the music I listened to. A few people still remind me of that goth phase (even though I hate the labelling), but my black sartorial choices weren't out of whim or fancy. I just LOVED black. I even wore black nail paint way before it was made popular by the likes of the Hiltons and the Lohans. And this is what I got to hear from friends -  "black and black doesn't match or go together" "you nails look like tar" "who died?" and you can pretty much picture the rest.

Let's swap clothes!


image via Pinterest
For the past year, I've been trying to have a 'clothing swap' meet with my blogger friends. All this planning only happened on email, on whatsapp and in between events but somehow we never got around to actually doing it. Call it laziness, or work overload or even last year's monsoons - things just never worked out for us. However, I'm happy to announce that Swapzaar, is a newly launched venture, where you can swap anything from clothes to collectibles with other users.


head2heels dresses
If you are a regular online shopper (like my mom and I) you may have definitely some across  the brand 'Femella' on various shopping portals. With their very pocket friendly prices, Femella seems to be doing pretty well and has launched their own website, where you can shop all their pieces. I'm currently in love with their dresses and tunics, and if I was a college girl who needed a wardrobe upgrade, this is where I would shop!

5 Fashion Trends You Don't Need!


Let me start this post with a small disclaimer. While fashion trends and fads come and go each season, the hype behind them are too unreal and stay for a long time. While you should get inspired by magazines and runway shows and other influence-rs, you must make sure they don't affect all your sartorial and beauty choices. Instead of blindly and religiously following a trend, it really helps to stop, think and analyse if the said trend would work for you or not, because every woman is completely different from the other, when it comes to factors like style and shape- both of which play a major role while dressing up. So let's not get too carried away now.

Sand in my Lipstick


Going to Dubai after almost eight years was a bit of a culture shock. So many changes. Also I wasn't a little child anymore (or just a fresh out of school 10th grader) who used to peak at stores like 'Forever 21' and wonder why would anyone want to shop there. Now of course I strut into the place like I own it.

The Loot Is On


When I was contacted by Zoutons, to check out their website, I assumed they were a clothing brand. But when we spoke in detail, I got know there were actually a website that helps you get amazing deals. I was honestly a little disappointed. Images of printed cotton dresses and cute blouses were reluctantly erased from my mind, and then I went on to check out Zoutons.

House of Flowers


Another day in super sunny Dubai and this time instead of my skirts and dresses, I decided to switch it up and wear the bright trousers I got from the Marks & Spencer's sale back in Mumbai, eons of years ago. Also talking about sales in Mumbai, these cute Aztec wedges are one of the awesome sale finds, in Zara, for 990! Funnily, it was the last pair and in my size (well almost, they are half a size bigger than what I usually wear, but I'm not complaining) Still too good to be true. Also I'm in love with the Aldo mini sling, which is technically a wallet sling and is just for cash, cards and a cell phone, but I managed to fit in a lipstick, my iphone + charging cable and my mini power bank charger, while I left the cash to Sheehan. But I found it like a pleasant change, where instead of carrying a huge bag or even a sling bag with my things (cash, receipts, make-up, etc) all mixed and muddled up, all I had was this cute mini sling, with tiny compartments that looked like just a wallet. It's my new shopping companion!
The great thing is, the sales and offers here in Dubai are pretty amazing as well, and I might just share my shopping haul soon. I'm still in the search for the best places to shop and the best bargains and discounts here as well.

Striped button down blouse : Charlotte Russe | Pink trousers : Marks & Spencer | Monochrome Aztec wedges : Zara | Sunnies, mini wallet sling, bracelets and watch : c/o Aldo UAE | Neckpiece : Fab Alley | Belt : Only 
Photography : Sheehan Rysa Photographie
Location : Miracle Garden Dubai