Naughty, but Nice!


I came home, late, one evening. It was about 12. I was shooting all day. It was a bit chilly (yes it does get a little cold while travelling by rick). I was walking in a hurry to get home, after a long tiring day. But what I saw stopped me in my tracks. My house didn't look like my house any more. It looked magical at that time!
My family (mostly my mom) got Christmas related stuff printed out and put them all over the place.. So of course my house was the backdrop for my Christmas post!!
To see how the place looks like after sunset, with lights, you can stalk me on Instagram :-p

What I feel so proud of this year, is that I did not freak out and obsess about buying new things to wear for Xmas this year. The dress I'll be wearing tonight for mass is something I picked online for about 850 bucks. No new shoes also. Except the ones I'm wearing in this post. I picked these up just 3 hours ago!!

Outfit Breakdown

Naughty but nice tee - Bought by dad a long time ago from the US
Skirt - Mast & Harbour (Myntra)
Crochet scarf - Mela
Lace heels - La Judi, Bandra Hill Road
Owl wrist cuff - Accessorize
Earrings - Kazo

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  1. Loved this post :) m sure ur mum put in some crazy effort in setting up your home! Great job:)

  2. So perfectly Christmas-ey Roxanne! Love!

  3. really so nice and cool.........