Flowers and Leopards


The past week has been a blur of shoots and shoots. Unfortunately none of them were for the blog, all just work related. So earlier this afternoon, I decided I had to put something up and had a small mini shoot. Also there was this jacket I was really excited to share. Another Hill Road buy and I think it was quite a steal. I would have gotten it for much less, but my mom I was drooling over it while she was bargaining, so there was no way the shopkeeper would have lowered his rates!
You know, from the time I was young, it was always my dream to have a pet leopard. Since that's impossible, I've had to make do with a cat or three. But I'm still always a sucker for anything that has a hint of leopard print! 

I know my feet look squashed, but I anyways have giant feet and it's hard to get my size!
Outfit Breakdown

Animal print tuxedo jacket - Hill Road (1,000/-)
Floral printed colour block t-shirt style blouse - Hill Road (150/-)
Black jeggings - Marks and Spencers (1,190/- during sale)
Gold choker neckpiece with chains and Tea Party ring - Raju's store, Hill Road (300-450/-)
Floral print custom made shoes - Shoebiz, Linking road (2,000/-)

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  1. That neckpiece is to die for! Love it! i sported a similar blazer-pant look in prague. Will be sharing soon :)

  2. Lorraine D'Cunha13/12/13 8:15 pm

    I really enjoy reading your blog, its is always about VFM stuff. It is so satisfying to find a great buy for a bargain amount.

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