Ciao to the Hi's and Low's of 2013


So we decided that the last post should be a bit exciting and different from the rest. Although in my opinion, it still seems the same to me. Similar clothes, familiar poses, same old face, and the usual photo bombs. Only difference is, this time, instead of discarding, or even better, hiding the silly-ness, I decided that these have to make it into the post this time.
It's silly how for just 7-12 shots we take almost a 150-200! Most of these end up as 'test shots', or turn out blurred, or I don't like the way I look in them (girl problems you see) or are of us just us goofing around and having fun.



Pretty exciting news, Head2Heels was featured in Independent Fashion Blogger's weekly round-up. Seems like a great way to end the year!

Stayed tuned soon, because tomorrow we end this year with one last (fun) post. But for now, you can check out some lovely other posts from 19 other fabulous bloggers from around the world.


New Year Chic

The New Year always makes us think about the way we spend our time. Did we make the most of the year? What were the best memories? Who dressed the best? What needs to change? This week's roundup is a good mix of reflecting on the best of fashion in 2013 and what to look our for next year. So take a look and make the most of 2013!

Links a la Mode: December 26

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New post preview

Did I mention tomorrow's post is a 'fun' post?

Naughty, but Nice!


I came home, late, one evening. It was about 12. I was shooting all day. It was a bit chilly (yes it does get a little cold while travelling by rick). I was walking in a hurry to get home, after a long tiring day. But what I saw stopped me in my tracks. My house didn't look like my house any more. It looked magical at that time!

Aztec Pencil Skirt - 5 ways


If you have been checking the Indian blogosphere, you would have noticed that pencil skirts seem to be an 'in' thing now. Many celebrities and bloggers have been sporting them for a while now. So I decided this needed a bit of analysis. A pencil skirt has always been perceived as something that falls under the formal or business wear category. Most Indian woman will associate it to office wear and will even refrain from buying a pencil skirt. At the same time a larger woman would refrain from it as well, as this type of skirt tends to hug the contours of the body from the waist to the knees (and can be a bit intimidating).

Flowers and Leopards


The past week has been a blur of shoots and shoots. Unfortunately none of them were for the blog, all just work related. So earlier this afternoon, I decided I had to put something up and had a small mini shoot. Also there was this jacket I was really excited to share. Another Hill Road buy and I think it was quite a steal. I would have gotten it for much less, but my mom I was drooling over it while she was bargaining, so there was no way the shopkeeper would have lowered his rates!