Leather, stripes and bling


In this post, I've tried to bring together 3 elements that I love or am currently hooked on to at the moment.

1 - Street shopping.
 This tee, or cropped top is actually an XL size. I love how comfy and flattering it is. Also to someone with a DIY drive, this is just so easy. Raid your father's or brother's closet, and get chopping with those scissors! Give it an uneven edge or an asymmetrical feel.
The neck piece (the upper layer) was a bargain. Even calling it a bargain is a joke! I picked up 3 different ones for Rs. 350! For 115 bucks, with this type of embellishment details, it was totally worth it!
2 - Online shopping
  I just recently discovered Persunmall among many other shopping websites. This one is not based in India, and hence I was a bit reluctant to give it a go. But I did finally, and I am quite happy with my buys. I will buy again from this portal soon!
3 - Forever 21
  If you follow my Instagram feed, you might have noticed that there was a lot of mention for Forever 21 on it. Well you can't blame me! 2 different store openings within 3 weeks, how was I supposed to stay calm?!?!
At my last visit to their store, I tried on 6-7 pairs of shoes. I would have tried on more, but I didn't wan't to bore my friends. And I almost didn't get this pair, and was going to settle for a basic brown, but was talked out of it by a dear friend (Thanks Kavu)

Outfit Breakdown

Striped oversized crop top - Hill Road, street side
Bottom neck piece - Tribal Zone
Top neck piece - Outside Manish Market, street side
Wrist cuff, ring and wedges - Forever 21

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  1. Love this look Roxanne. Those wedges were a great pick! Love that it adds a stripes on stripes touch to the outfit. <3

  2. OMG! That neckpiece! <3
    Gorgeous outfit, love leather n stripes!! xx