Green Jewels and Red Pumps


Two more days and then it's December!!! The month of shopping, parties and holidays. 
Also I hope the weather gets cooler now.
I've already started pulling out my cardigans and sweaters!
I'm also already in the mood for Xmas (although I do not have an xmas dress yet, and will start panicking by the next week and I'm open to ideas and suggestions!) hence I decided to add the cliched red + green combo. Also continuing with my monochrome obsession and giving you a clash of prints.
Both, the shoes and neck piece are from the streets (all hail Hill Road) and the dress is passed on to me by an aunt, and the cardigan is my mom's. All I did was, added a belt to two pieces of clothing that are clearly not my size, to add more curves and shape.

Of late I've really been into all things sparkly and shiny!
No shoot is ever complete without this little one, who is also in the Xmas spirit with his red collar!
P.S - Last night I shopped at Hill Road (again) and picked up two lovely jackets, which I'm going to share on this space soon!!

Outfit Breakdown

Houndstooth dress - Koton (size L) from my aunt
Striped over-sized cardigan - Vero Moda (old) borrowed from mom's
Chained belt - Part of a jumpsuit from Ann Summers
Red pumps (more colours available) - La Judi at Hill Road (650/-)
Green jeweled neck piece - Raju's stall at Hill Road (350-450/-)
Rings - Forever 21 (Dubai)
Tiny clasp watch - old 
Lipstick - Colorbar's 'Nude Coral'

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  1. Hi dear,
    You look so charming!
    Your shoes look beautiful, but I feel for you when I learn that they are from the street. Need to invest more when you buy shoes, esp. high heels, otherwise they might hurt.
    All the very best!!

    1. Thank you!
      I agree with you. Although when I wear such heels, it's not for more than 4-5 hours at a stretch. The slightest pain and you have to take them off. I always carry a pair of flats too.

  2. That houndstooth dress looks so pretty :) You're ready for December before it begins :D

  3. Very cute Christmas-y look :) <3

  4. Hey Roxanne, I find your heels & feet so hot, that they make me certain that I have a foot fetish!
    : P Keep them coming. cheers!

  5. Didn't know a better place to ask you this. Have you seen the last of your heels' posts Roxanne? : P