Green Jewels and Red Pumps


Two more days and then it's December!!! The month of shopping, parties and holidays. 
Also I hope the weather gets cooler now.
I've already started pulling out my cardigans and sweaters!

Leather, stripes and bling


In this post, I've tried to bring together 3 elements that I love or am currently hooked on to at the moment.



Sheehan finally has a studio set up in our room! So currently, we live in a studio! So these are the first test shots with her lights and everything that we took last week. I instagrammed one of these pictures, and it got real good response, so it got turned into an outfit post now. And since she will be doing portfolios and stuff, we did some very clich├ęd portfolio shots. All for fun.

Black & Gold


Keeping in mind with the festivities of the season, Happy Diwali to everyone.
Today was a hectic day. Running between two different pujas at both my offices to fittings for a shoot that's going to keep me occupied for the next whole week, this mini last minute shoot was a small breather for me.