Rise and Fall


Everyone has been talking about Fall 2013, and the new trends, and what's hot, and their new shopping lists. However, I find most of it a load of bull. You don't really HAVE to update your wardrobe to match with the current season (which by the way, if you live in Mumbai, this is not even an actual season!) But of course, you can still shop. You can still add pieces inspired by garments and looks that have graced the runways of Milan, Paris and New York to your wardrobe.

But then what about last season's pieces? What about the things that were so hot, that you just had to have them? Do you give them away? Push them back inside your closet, so that they never see the light of day? Or just cross your fingers and hope they came back in style someday?
Well I've decided to wear them. I will continue wearing mine.
This past week was very hectic (work wise) but I did get to go to a couple of events, and shop online too. So most of the pieces in this post, are all new items added to my wardrobe, irrelevant to the current trends. 

Outfit Breakdown

Blue peplum jersey top, ring and wrist cuff - Limeroad (new)
Black jeggings - Marks & Spencer (old)
Oxblood loafers - Forever 21 (new)
Leopard print oversized clutch (and now my daily laptop bag) - Youshine (new)
Beaded neckpiece - Hill Road

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  1. looking lovely !!
    great picks from limeroad :)

    New post up - do check out

  2. Like always, this is yet another very well styled look by you. Love the blue & oxblood colour contrast. Finally, a 'Fall' look most of us can actually wear!
    P.S. Love the new layout.
    ❤ Amena.
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  4. nice looks