In the Valley of Flowers


So I had a really good weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already noticed. We went to Satara, which is about a 6 hour drive from Mumbai. From Satara, we travelled around. I planned to make this an outfit post, however, whenever I was ready to shoot (with the flowers), it started raining! So I just gave up. WARNING! - Lots of pictures!

First stop was Kaas Plateau, which is a crazy attraction, with their vast fields of flowers in so many colours.
We made a stop on the way to Kaas, at this huge clearing.. I took a million pictures! But with a view like this, who wouldn't?
With the family
We climbed on top of this mountain with many other tourists. However the adventurous thrill-seekers that we are, we decided to go even beyond. A small 8 feet climb (downwards) and we got to this secluded spot. Of course, once the rest of the tourists saw this, they attempted to do the same!
Such breath-taking views!
And of course there was the boat ride at Bamnoli dam.
I ruined my skirt that day with the on again, off again rains, and also climbing the boat with the help of a ladder and the general muckiness. 
Flowers from the Kaas Plateau
Sunflower field!!

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  1. You look GORGEOUS.
    Absolutely love the place and what you are wearing!


  2. beautiful photos
    you look beautiful

    May be we can follow each other?