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I've always been a hoarder. I still am one. I keep almost everything. Clothes that I don't fit into as well. Whenever Sheehan and myself had to clean our closet, we always kept three piles of clothes, one that we needed, the other that was to give away, and finally the 'modification' pile. This pile contained all sorts of clothing, that needed a trim here, or a hem loosened there, or a dress that had to be converted into a skirt, or even a dirty tee that just had to be dropped into a bucket of dye.
This polka skirt is one of those things. I've had it for years now. Over 6-7 years maybe. I even wore it to Sunday school when I was young (it was about calf length at that time!). It was my church skirt. It never went into the modify pile, but it just stayed with me. And I'm glad I never let it go. Now it's a trendy piece in my wardrobe, that I can wear as a high waist skirt or even a low waist skirt. I've worn it a couple of times as a tunic top too!
Outfit Breakdown

Black long sleeve tee with attached tasseled stole - Dubai
Black skirt - Old piece
Shoes - Hill Road
Bag - Max
Watch - Guess
Shades and neckpiece - Forever 21
Ring - Raju's (Hill Road)

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  1. Loving the look, Roxanne :) Guessing this was the polka dot outfit you had mentioned recently :D Love the sophistication of it all !

  2. Like you I too am a major hoarder. I just cant throw things away.
    This is such a polished look. I am no fan of polka dots but lady you wear this trend real well. Lovely styling.
    ❤ Amena.
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  3. Hope the church is all cooled up now! you look classy!