Church on Sunday


I've always been a hoarder. I still am one. I keep almost everything. Clothes that I don't fit into as well. Whenever Sheehan and myself had to clean our closet, we always kept three piles of clothes, one that we needed, the other that was to give away, and finally the 'modification' pile. This pile contained all sorts of clothing, that needed a trim here, or a hem loosened there, or a dress that had to be converted into a skirt, or even a dirty tee that just had to be dropped into a bucket of dye.

Rise and Fall


Everyone has been talking about Fall 2013, and the new trends, and what's hot, and their new shopping lists. However, I find most of it a load of bull. You don't really HAVE to update your wardrobe to match with the current season (which by the way, if you live in Mumbai, this is not even an actual season!) But of course, you can still shop. You can still add pieces inspired by garments and looks that have graced the runways of Milan, Paris and New York to your wardrobe.

In the Valley of Flowers


So I had a really good weekend. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already noticed. We went to Satara, which is about a 6 hour drive from Mumbai. From Satara, we travelled around. I planned to make this an outfit post, however, whenever I was ready to shoot (with the flowers), it started raining! So I just gave up. WARNING! - Lots of pictures!