Knotted up


Here is another one of my outfits that got turned into a post after it received a lot of positive feedback when I wore it the first time around. I got the most commonly available neon tee (for 150 bucks) and knotted it up like a crop top. Then I wore the skirt high to just show a hint of skin. I do get a lot of people asking me where they can buy crop tops from. What I'd say is, make your own. Just knot up an old tee, or even chop it off!

Outfit Breakdown

Neon ganji - Street side (100-150 bucks)
Black & white Aztec print skater skirt - Streets of Kalina during the Sunday market (100 bucks! quite a steal!)
Ombre chiffon knotted shirt - Manish Market, 4 Bungalows (200 bucks)
Colour block bag - Hong Kong
Shades - Charles & Keith
Bracelets - Pieces
Beaded bracelet - gifted
Neckpiece : Vanity Vice, soon to be launched by EpicChic 
Strappy wedges - gifted

All pictures by Sheehan

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