Jewelry and shoe stand diy


There are two things that I can connect to really well - Messi and messy. One is a great footballer and the other is just a proper way to describe me. It's true. I hate cleaning and tidying up. Also I don't get the time to clean and tidy up. And when I do, I'm always just too lazy to do it. So anyways, I have a drawer for all my jewelry. Each item is/used to be (initially) packed in a separate zip lock bag. However because of my mad schedule (I tend to blame everything on work), I'm always in a hurry, and most of those pieces hardly ever get put back into a bag after use. 
So one day I just came across this big pile of mess!
And when I lifted it up, it was like this!

Of course it took me a while to separate! In fact a few of them are still lying in a great big bundle of nothing, just waiting to be separated again.
However a visit to a hardware store, and one from the carpenter just changed it all.
It really can't take a lot of time to just hang a neckpiece now, can it?
And we didn't stop there, my mom decided to get this as well for my bracelets..
She bought this from a guy who sells jewelry in Santa Cruz
And here is how we arranged some of the shoes!
 All it takes is a curtain rod. Really. Way to store and display your shoes!
All you really need is a blank wall, to convert part of your room into a nice display/storage area.
Please excuse the laziness with the iPhone pictures.

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  1. Great post from you. Keep it up. Buy Funky T Shirts Online, from Chumbak

  2. Wont your jewelry get rusty if you keep them out?

    1. As long as they are cleaned regularly (fortnightly), and kept in a dry place, they will be rust free.
      I usually buy my jewelry from street vendors, and they keep them in worse conditions!!

  3. evn I have messed up things...came across ur blog few days back/...I loved it..<3