Knotted up


Here is another one of my outfits that got turned into a post after it received a lot of positive feedback when I wore it the first time around. I got the most commonly available neon tee (for 150 bucks) and knotted it up like a crop top. Then I wore the skirt high to just show a hint of skin. I do get a lot of people asking me where they can buy crop tops from. What I'd say is, make your own. Just knot up an old tee, or even chop it off!

Jewelry and shoe stand diy


There are two things that I can connect to really well - Messi and messy. One is a great footballer and the other is just a proper way to describe me. It's true. I hate cleaning and tidying up. Also I don't get the time to clean and tidy up. And when I do, I'm always just too lazy to do it. So anyways, I have a drawer for all my jewelry. Each item is/used to be (initially) packed in a separate zip lock bag. However because of my mad schedule (I tend to blame everything on work), I'm always in a hurry, and most of those pieces hardly ever get put back into a bag after use. 
So one day I just came across this big pile of mess!

In a haze


I thought of lines and sentences for this post. Phrases went in and out of my head. What I finally could not come up with in words, I made up for in pictures.