In a haze


I thought of lines and sentences for this post. Phrases went in and out of my head. What I finally could not come up with in words, I made up for in pictures.

I'm mid shoot - shooting non-stop till the 6th, which makes 8 days of non-stop shoots! And every second day, it's a different brand! As tiring as it gets, it also fun and entertaining at the same time.

Outfit Breakdown
Dress : Max
Bag : OVS
Heels : Hill Road
Watch : Aldo
Ring : Raju's (Hill Road)
Neckpiece : Vanity Vice, soon to be launched by EpicChic 
Pictures by Sheehan, edited by me with the Mextures iOS app.

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  1. your blogs are always so refreshing - I enjoy being updated about all the hot shopping spots in Mumbai.