Can you see me now?


When I wore this outfit last Sunday, I got a lot of positive feedback on my cropped jeggings, and when you get asked a lot about a particular piece of clothing or jewelry, you of course tend to wear it with pride. 

So I decided to make a post out of it. 

When we got ready to shoot, I actually wondered if I would even be seen when the pictures were done. I mean camouflage is, well, the name says it all. Also the tee I had on was dark, and thanks to the green surroundings, I knew I was easily blend-able in the background.

So I decided to throw on this pretty neon bag just before stepping out of the house, as opposed to the black one I meant to carry along.

So the question is, can you see me now?


Camouflage is of course, one of the latest trends. That's why I picked up the jeggings when I saw them. I usually don't fall prey to trends, but these are so comfy and soft, and I know I can make a lot of use out of them, especially since I can wear them on shoots.
Also I've had the sneakers for a while now. Got them on sale. What hooked me on to them, besides how bad-ass they are with the print and studs, again, is the comfort level, and how I can wear them to long 12 hour shoots.
See, work always come first!

P.S - It was very tough to edit these pictures, because the bag was so soo bright, so it just looked white with the natural lighting. Hence the filter.

Outfit Breakdown

Rock n Roll tee - (Size L, because they did not have my size, and I just loved the print to let it go)

Camouflage cropped jeggings - Max
Neon bag - Pieces available at Vero Moda and Only
Sneakers - Zara (sale for 1,100/-)
Bracelets - Fab Alley monthly jewelbox
Leather wrist strap with spikes and studs - gifted

Ciao from the both of us, even though he doesn't seem interested anymore.

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  1. Those camo shoes are crazy good! BIG KISS!

  2. Love the outfit ! Looking great :D
    xoxo <3