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A small sneak peek of the new outfit post.. Luckily it stopped raining, for a while, so I could don my heels again!

On another note, here's a new site I've come across - Baggout.

What is fun about Baggout, is that it is very visual. Scroll down the first page itself, and your eyes might just pop out looking at the array of shoes, clothes, bags and other products.

So step one - I created my account and went to 'add a purchase'

You can select an one option - like 'fetching an image from a URL' (which is awesome for a lazy person) or actually uploading an image from your computer.

I decided to put in the url of my tee from the last outfit post
What's great is, I don't have to fill the spaces for title, weblink and price, it just automatically happens when the url uploads. All I have to do is add the category and comments (if I want to). And that's about it!

Here is my personal feed.

Now this is a look at another part of it..

Found this amazing bag in my feed. So I clicked on the 'buy product' link at the right bottom corner.

And voilĂ ! Out pops a new window and I'm directed to a new page where I can actually buy the bag!
Unfortunately its out of stock! :-(

So Baggout is great if you want to keep a directory and share all of your online purchases.
It's also great, to stalk and see who bought what!
I also think you can upload items that are in your wishlist. I would totally do that - make a nice wishlist, save up for it, and then click their 'buy product' link on my own pictures and get it when I want to. You can also 'like' a product, if you're not sure about it, and then check it out later.

Baggout promises, that all images and products have been posted by a real user and not a marketer or a corporate company.
They also filter feeds so that you not only see your friend's spoils, but also those that fall in your friend's friend circle. So best bet is, if your friend is a bit like you, (style-wise) your feed will be filled with awesome stuff that you would not be able to resist the 'buy now' link. That seems pretty dangerous!

Baggout can be accessed through the website on desktop/laptop and through an android app on mobile phone

Can you see me now?


When I wore this outfit last Sunday, I got a lot of positive feedback on my cropped jeggings, and when you get asked a lot about a particular piece of clothing or jewelry, you of course tend to wear it with pride. 

So I decided to make a post out of it. 

When we got ready to shoot, I actually wondered if I would even be seen when the pictures were done. I mean camouflage is, well, the name says it all. Also the tee I had on was dark, and thanks to the green surroundings, I knew I was easily blend-able in the background.

So I decided to throw on this pretty neon bag just before stepping out of the house, as opposed to the black one I meant to carry along.

So the question is, can you see me now?


Camouflage is of course, one of the latest trends. That's why I picked up the jeggings when I saw them. I usually don't fall prey to trends, but these are so comfy and soft, and I know I can make a lot of use out of them, especially since I can wear them on shoots.
Also I've had the sneakers for a while now. Got them on sale. What hooked me on to them, besides how bad-ass they are with the print and studs, again, is the comfort level, and how I can wear them to long 12 hour shoots.
See, work always come first!

P.S - It was very tough to edit these pictures, because the bag was so soo bright, so it just looked white with the natural lighting. Hence the filter.

Outfit Breakdown

Rock n Roll tee - (Size L, because they did not have my size, and I just loved the print to let it go)

Camouflage cropped jeggings - Max
Neon bag - Pieces available at Vero Moda and Only
Sneakers - Zara (sale for 1,100/-)
Bracelets - Fab Alley monthly jewelbox
Leather wrist strap with spikes and studs - gifted

Ciao from the both of us, even though he doesn't seem interested anymore.

It's MEOW or Never!


Cat Parade
1 - Dorothy Perkins, 2 - Topshop, 3 - Lulu & Co. at Farfetch, 4 - Victoria Beckham at Farfetch, 5 -, 6 - River Island, 7 - Zoe Karssen at Farfetch, 8 - Debenhams, 9 - Lulu Guiness at Asos, 10 - Asos, 11 - Paul & Joe Schmuck at, 12 - Dorothy Perkins, 13 -, 14 - Romwe, 15 - Topshop, 16 -, 17 - Mango, 18 -, 19 - Betsy Johnson, 20 - Topshop.

For a good time : Call a friend


True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's being separated, and yet, nothing changes.

Being blessed with friends, who like you, are almost metal, and not afraid to 'let down their hair' even if they are boys, is a huge bonus.

While I don't have pictures of all my friends, here is Tanisha and myself, going crazy at the tiny garden (meant for children) in her building. 
The Mickey ears are her thing, and she made me wear one!