The horrors of looking for an intern


I know I have been whining about looking for an assistant for the past 3-4 months. Yes. Months!
While my efforts have been in vain, maybe you will find this entertaining. Also here is a small set of dos and don'ts to any aspiring fashion designer/stylist.

While my rants on twitter were a bit too dramatic, you can see for yourself, what I've been dealing with first hand. Since I've been looking for someone who is a fresher, and can join immediately, I succumbed to posting on, from which I received more than 15 replies.

The ad in question

Now what Quikr brilliantly does is, also gives out your phone number, along with the ad. So of course people decided to bombard my phone with calls, at their own convenience.

Word of advice : Please don't call a prospective employer at 9:30 pm on a Sunday night. They will hate you, and most probably not hire you. If you really have to contact them, you can text them. If you still insist on calling, at least start with 'I'm really sorry to call you on a Sunday..' or 'Is this a good time to talk' or something similar. 

So I keep getting calls now. So many calls, that I've gotten a bit robotic at the moment.

Them : Hi, I saw your ad on Quikr...
Me (cuts through) : Have you sent me your resume?
Them : What?/ Sorry? .. blah.. blah..
Them : No.
Me : Please mail me your resume. Thank you (hangs up)

Thats how most of them go.. 

Just this morning, I received another call..

Girl : Hi I saw your ad on Quikr..
Me : Have you sent in your resume?
Girl : No I haven't
Me : Please do, and I'll revert back asap.
Girl : Can you give me a few more details?
Me (trying to be extremely nice) - Yes, of course. What do you want to know.
Girl : This is a post for an assistant stylist?
Me : Yes...
Girl : And the location is in Andheri West?
Me : Yes..
Girl : It's a full time..
Me : Let me stop you there, you said you found this on Quikr?
Girl : Yes
Me : And you still ask me questions, of which all the answers are mentioned clearly in the ad?
Girl : Um..
Me : Thank you (hangs up and screams silently)

Then of course, we come to the emails..

There are people who shout at me..
I think it's pretty universal in chat and text lingo, that Caps lock = raised voice/ shouts.

People who think I'm a man, even after I've mentioned my name in reverts.
Has happened 3-4 times already.
What really annoys me is the fact that people assume that a job poster is male. It really wakes up the crazy feminist in me!

While I appreciate short stories and essay writing, now is not the time and place. Remember I receive a lot of replies, and this is not something I'm in the mood to read.

 And of course I've saved the best for last!

This Monday morning, I received a missed call at exactly 9:17 am. Of course, since I was at home, I was not near my phone to answer it. When I did see it, I realized that it probably was from one of the people who I'd asked to come see me at 12 for an interview. I called back at 9:35 am..

Me : Hi, I received a call from this number, some time ago.
She : Oh yes. I sent you my resume and you asked me to come and meet you.
Me : Yes of course. Do you need the address?
She : Yes.
Me : I'll text it to you right away. See you at 12. Bye.
She : Thank you, Bye.

I sent her a text. 

Explanation : Now I work for a styling company and I operate/sit in a studio. My head office is very inconveniently placed in Marol east, and we prefer the studio as a work space, since Andheri West is somewhat closer to 'in habitation' as we call it, and also sourcing and other things are much more easier.

So my address starts with 'Shop no 10, ...'

She calls back within 2 minutes.

Me : Hi, yes..
She : Oh this is a shop?
Me : Umm.. Yes it is a..
She : I was under the impression you do television and ads..
Me (flabbergasted) : I'm sorry. Is there a problem?
She : I'm not interested in working in a shop.
Me : It's a studio and I don't think you fully understand..
She : I don't want to work in a studio either
Me (really really angry now) : Excuse me. Firstly you call me up at 9 in the morning. Who does that? I haven't even begun my working day.
She (scoffs) : What kind of person doesn't accept calls at 9? Where I worked I got calls at 9.
Me : I get calls at 6am too, pertaining to shoots or clients I'm handling, but for you, to call me at this hour..
She : I don't like your attitude.
Me (thinking of what to say): ...
She : I'm not interested anymore (hangs up)
Me : WTF just happened?

And then she has the audacity to email me this..

I was going to take the high road, and not reply back. But her words hit me a bit. I know for a fact that I am very sensible. Also I'm generally (if not always) very polite! And lastly, if you know me, you'll know that I might have a bit of an attitude at times, but I never throw it around. Especially when it comes to work related stuff. Diplomacy is a requirement here.

So I reverted back to her.

Conclusion : I give up.

Also, if you are ever applying for a job, please pay attention.
Be polite. Be reasonable. Read the requirements. Have some empathy towards the person on the other end.


She messaged back! Just had to have the last word! 

P.S - I'm actually considering sending her a link to this page!! Ha! 

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  1. Hey Don't give up... Trust me to find one good person you need to face a couple of idiots! Being an HR I come across such morons every day!! But you will find your intern. All the best with your search! Btw Lovely Blog!

  2. This is hilarious! Roxanne you rock when it comes to talking.

  3. This is really hilarious! I second Shelly :)

    Bong's Belleza

  4. ROFLMAO ! You have no idea how much i enjoyed reading this post :D Seriously Hilarious !
    xoxo <3

  5. WOW.

    This was a fun read, but I can imagine what you must be going through! :( Damn.

    People don’t get it do they?

    In other news, interning for you would be so cool. :D #JustSaying