No more GFC (Google Friend Connect)!


This has been around for a while already, but finally, GFC is officially shutting down on the 1st of July!
So if you are a follower of Head2Heels, you can connect with me via other platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Bloglovin. Also not forgetting Pinterest and Instagram, as I'm on those too.

In fact here is any easy way to import all of your GFC contacts and RSS feeds to your bloglovin account.

I might add a weekly or fortnightly mail letter, but I'm not too keen on it.

Stay connected always!

Rainy day outfit, deals and


It's been a while since I put up an outfit post, well in my defense, the rain is really a mood dampener (pun truly not intended)
 However I am working on a shoot for Miss K&A, which is a jewelry label, run by two nice girls, one of whom is a good friend of mine.
Since there's no outfit, we will have to make do with Sunday's Instagram one.

Dress : Clothes Rack (Got it for around 680/-)
Rubber sandals : Topshop (gifted)
Studded clutch : Hongkong (25 dollars)
P.S - I knotted up the maxi at the side, as it was raining like crazy that day and I really wanted to wear a maxi. Great tip I found on Pinterest. You can try it with your skirt as well.

Sunday was also Father's day, and I'd like to thank Wooplr for their lovely gift.

But of course, the highlight of the day was brunch. Sheehan and I found these coupons on Snapdeal for a pretty neat rate for a meal at Glasshouse (Hyatt Regency). The last time I was there, it was for my birthday last year (Snapdeal again) and it's gotten so much better. 

There were these sangria cocktails that were the specials of the day.
Since I prefer white over red, I had too many of these.

And the food was absolutely yummy, but the dessert counter was something else.

Dessert fit for a vampire.. 
Yes it totally was a coincidence that I picked all shades of red.

Whereas my mom picked more normal - earthy toned ones.

Speaking of great discounts, I recently just came upon this pretty neat site -
They have coupons, discounts and deals directly from the retailers and are connected to really great sites like Fashion and You, 99 Labels, Zovi, Jabong, Limeroad, Fab Alley and many many more. 
What more is, they not only offer great deals on fashion and accessories but they have many other categories like restaurant coupons, flowers and gifts, travel, electronics, books, movies and music, health and beauty and a few others.
From a free Jabong voucher worth 750/- on an order of 750/- from Food Panda, to up to 5200/- off on flights and domestic hotels via to a flat 50% off on beauty and healthcare products, they have it all.
Oh and of course, ever since I discovered CupoNation, I've also discovered many new shopping portals, which I'm not sure if is a good thing or a bad thing.

What is one shopping portal you swear by? 

All pictures taken by me with the iphone



Just a couple of days I came across a 'How to wear an exposed bra' post. Now I'm all for experimenting, however, I know that the exposed bra trend may not go down very well with most people. I mean it is literally putting on a small part of your intimates for display, isn't it? But it doesn't have to be. Let's not be prudish for a while, and try it.

Anyways, I almost forgot about the post, until yesterday, while I was at Super Saturday, I found this pretty dress with a wide 'V' overlap cut. While I was making up my mind, with what to take and what to discard, I suddenly thought of the post again, while I was holding the dress very close to my 'discard pile'. My mum looked at it and told me it was too deep for me to wear and she encouraged me to chuck it in the pile. But the more I looked at it, the more I wanted it. Reverse psychology at it best, right?

So I promised my mum, I would either pin up the front or wear some sort of tube/camisole inside, and I picked it up. 
Another two reasons why I really like the dress was because, 1- It had a grey version of the galaxy print, and is not very 'in your face' as the others can tend to be.
2 - It had a high waist elastic, that I know, suits me well and makes my legs look longer than they actually are.

So I had this maroon-ish coloured bra, that's been in my closet for a while now, so long, that I don't remember from where I got it, or who got it for me. I think it was either my aunt or dad. Up close, it looks very dainty and vintage-like and is really really pretty. 

Of course there was a reason I chose this colour and not black, because the whole focal point of the look was the bra. Also I kept my neck bare (as suggested in Jenni's post - look 3), and added a watch that almost matched the bra. And lastly, I finished off with another Super Saturday buy - the pretty dark teal studded bag.

I do realise this is the most I've rambled about, for any outfit post! So moving on to the result!

My exposed bra tips

  • Less is more. Less accessories is the way to go, always. Also less cleavage please!
  • Push ups are a complete no-no! Unless that's the look you are opting for *I won't judge*
  • The bra doesn't always have to be lacy. It can variate from a sporty bra, to a regular tee shirt one with a cute trim.
  • Know your audience. There has to be a time and place to wear this. 
  • Lastly, don't over think it! If it doesn't feel right, maybe it isn't. Trust your gut instincts, and listen to the opinions of close friends.

Outfit Breakdown

Dress - Only
Bra - Can't remember!
Studded bag - Pieces
Pumps - Catwalk
Watch - Aldo
Oxidised silver wrist clasp - Tribal Zone