Life in technicolour


So let me update with current work stuff. I'm working on a Marathi movie (yes Marathi) and hence I've been a bit too busy and distracted to do any outfit posts lately, even though I have a lot of nice outfits lined up! So the minute I had a little bit of time to waste around, I got this done. 

The skirt featured here, is my latest street buy. I'm in love with it completely. It's got a bit of a high-low hemline. Thanks to it's technicolour pattern, I can wear it with whatever colour I want to. Although here I stuck to shades of pink. 

P.S - Look who joined the shoot midway!

No! No! You do not show your butt to the camera!

Much better, I guess. This is Joel, my dog. He's just too hyper to not be a complete blur!

Oh how I enjoy a little bit of breeze!

Outfit Breakdown

Technicolour skirt - Parle station W (street side)
Black tank - Victoria's Secret
Oversized cardigan - Hill Road (street side)
Belt - Motivi (Milan)
Black studded bag - OVS
Pink snakeskin heels - Zara
Brown wrist wrap - Blur 

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