Creativity gone wrong!


Ever since I got to know we were going to mom's friend's farmhouse (with pool included) for the weekend (Sunday only), I knew we had to do an outfit post. And then I decided, that I HAD to do an outfit post, under water.Yes, I come up with crazy ideas sometimes, and I try to be creative, much to the dismay of Sheehan, but she tries to keep up.

Next dilemma was, the outfit. It had to be something flowy and chiffon-y. like how they have it in cool editorials and magazines.

So I thought and thought, and came to the saree. I mean what could look better than a flowy saree?

So armed with our Canon waterproof camera, we were ready to 'create waves', but guess what? The water wasn't very clear. That meant, no clear pictures. At all. Okay we did manage to get a small lot of them. Very tiny amount, all close ups, because the further I went away from the camera, the more I merged into the murky blue water.

Goes to show that shit happens right?

The clearest picture ever..

 Random flowy saree shots

Well here's to better luck next time!!

If you wondered what it looked like, normally..

Saree from Made to Drape.
Bustier from Ann Summers (ordered online)
Neckpiece from Kazo.
Snakeskin heels from Zara.

Neon flowers


What turned out to be a Mother's Day out with Sheehan and mom, spurned into an impromptu outfit post for me. It was mom's idea to go to Jogger's park (because she took us there when we were younger) and take some pictures. What surprised me was this full bloom of flowers, that very coincidentally blended truly well with my dress! 

Outfit Breakdown

Ombre peach-neon dress - Primrose Art Gallery (The small lane next to the Linking road McDonald's)
Pale pink studded sling bag - Bag shop opposite KFC (Linking road again)
Neckpiece - Raju's stall (Dubey art gallery - Hill Road)
Turquiose and brown skull bracelets - Blur
Pearl multi-strand bracelet - gifted
Sunnies - Claire's
Navy ballet flats with stud details - Max

Life in technicolour


So let me update with current work stuff. I'm working on a Marathi movie (yes Marathi) and hence I've been a bit too busy and distracted to do any outfit posts lately, even though I have a lot of nice outfits lined up! So the minute I had a little bit of time to waste around, I got this done. 

The skirt featured here, is my latest street buy. I'm in love with it completely. It's got a bit of a high-low hemline. Thanks to it's technicolour pattern, I can wear it with whatever colour I want to. Although here I stuck to shades of pink. 

P.S - Look who joined the shoot midway!

No! No! You do not show your butt to the camera!

Much better, I guess. This is Joel, my dog. He's just too hyper to not be a complete blur!

Oh how I enjoy a little bit of breeze!

Outfit Breakdown

Technicolour skirt - Parle station W (street side)
Black tank - Victoria's Secret
Oversized cardigan - Hill Road (street side)
Belt - Motivi (Milan)
Black studded bag - OVS
Pink snakeskin heels - Zara
Brown wrist wrap - Blur