Stealing from the kiddie section - Again!


Another skirt found in the kid's section *score*. 

I mean how can anyone resist something as cute, chic, fluffy, ruffly and pink as this?

Moving on to the rest of the outfit, I've always wondered, how exactly to wear this heart print over-sized tee and with what. There were so many times, that I picked it out of my wardrobe, and wore it, and just before I could leave home, I took it off, because somehow, it just never seemed right. And then the skirt came to my rescue. In fact, they both happened to just lie next to each other in the cupboard! Funny thing right?!

 The belt had to be added, to balance shapes as the skirt already had it's own volume. The neon was just for fun. The bright yellow bag and purple bag seemed right as well, and I kept the jewelry to a minimum.

Outfit Breakdown

Heart print over-sized tee - Bangkok
Ruffled skirt - Clothes Rack (Gap Kids - size XXL)
Yellow bag - Haute Curry
Acid green belt - Splash
Neckpiece and bracelet - Tribal Zone
Purple suede pumps - Hill Road

3 Comments so far

  1. I totally adored the skirt..Love the colorful combination.......

  2. Great shots! I luv the skirt <3

  3. i love the skirt and those pumps.. very well put together :)