How your bag could define who you are!


With a crazy number of bags (types, shapes, sizes, etc) that are available, and also the fact that we women go gaga for them all, I decided to do his post. I mean seriously, I bought five different bags, in a span of three days. And then three days later, another one. Which makes it six bags in a week? 
Out of these six bags, five are sling/across body bags! In fact I go so crazy for these type of bags, that I recently did a guest post about it as well! But of course I do enjoy other bags as well (who doesn't right?)

So here is a break down of a few types of bags, and how it could define you (or not). 

Sling bag - You are a practical person, who thinks straight and likes to travel hands-free. You could be a bit of a tomboy at times, but can be a girly princess when you want to be one. Inside your bag, will be the necessities, like your phone, ipod, sunnies, mascara, lipgloss and cash, give or take a few other random items.

Hobo bag - You are an easy-going girl. Inside your bag, might be a copy of Vogue's latest issue, a little bit of make-up including a few lipstick shades and some delicious eye make-up. With the same bag, you can manage to nail the Boho look as well as a classic modern one.

Canvas bag - You care about the environment. You don't care how much dirt sticks to your bag, or the fact that your bag may look funny when it takes on a weird shape after you put some things in it. Or maybe you just bought this bag, because it's cheap and came with a cute print, or you got it for free.

Over-sized bag - You are an obsessive person, who likes to take on extra baggage. In your bag, you'll stash in make-up to last an entire month, along with your iPad or laptop. You also might have an extra pair of shoes and a change of accessories, if you're out all day.

Clutch bag - You don't care much about your belongings.  You don't HAVE to have everything with you. Clearly, carrying more than 3-4 things (depending on the size of your clutch) is enough for you. 

Backpack - You are an adventurous girl. You either are into sports or you love to travel. You, like the messenger girl, like to have your hands free. Inside your bag, might be a bottle of water and a towel napkin along with some necessities like chap-stick and a book to read.

Fanny pack - You could either be super chic or super old-fashioned with this one. You could be a young fashionista, looking to set trends, or an elderly tourist, visiting a new country. 
P.S - You might also be a hairstylist!

Carry bags - You do not care about having a proper handbag. Or you want to show everyone, that you are all about recycling, since you are re-using a bag that you got after shopping at a store. Or, you really are an ass and want to flaunt that you just shopped at Victoria's Secret!

What kind of bag do you carry? And what kind of a person do you think you are?

All opinions and thoughts penned down in this article are my own thoughts and are not based on any research and are purely for fun. 

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  1. Great post..I am more of a clutch and hobo bag..

  2. What a wonderful post. Love the bag break down :D