Desi Captain America


Okay I get it, the title might not make a lot of sense, but wait till you get a load of this. Before the ramblings begin, let me focus on palazzo pants. As the temperature in Mumbai seems to be climbing crazily high, I think it's almost time to say good bye to our trusty denims and trendy coloured pants. 
No really, I'm very serious. Save them for evenings, but for the day, to keep cool, invest in something that is more weather-friendly like skirts and other bottoms that let your skin 'breathe'
Enter palazzo pants, which are so chic and cute and super duper 'airy'. Go for prints, or a solid colour, and rock the look and stay cool as well!

So here are one of my palazzo pants, that I thought would look good with a plain old tee. In came my 'Captain America' tee, which I thought was a great contrast with the pants and the entire look. A braid added to the 'desi' feel, and sunnies to beat the heat!

Palazzo pants can be very tricky to style, and overwhelming at times as well. If you need more inspiration on how to wear them, here is my Pinterest board. Yes, I did a bit of research, before this post! Ha!

Outfit Breakdown

Captain America tee - Bangkok, Khausan Street.
Red cotton palazzos - Fab India
Sunnies - Claires
Skull chain worn as bracelet - Hill Road, Raju's shop
Wedges - Irla (previously worn here)
Studded yellow sling bag - Linking Road footpath for 200 bucks!

And always remember, you wear the pants, don't let the pants wear you!

All Pictures by Sheehan

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  1. Love the look and following you now :)


  2. HOTNESS personified. Love the pants and the way you styled them. The pictures have turned out well too :D Major colour love happening!


  3. gorgeous look!
    love the skirt!

    1. and i've just realized it's not a skirt!
      love those palazzo even more!!!