Yes! Yes! Yes!


You know that moment when you spot something so fabulous! - YES!
Then there's that moment when you see the price tag, and find that it's way in your budget - YES!
Then finally that exhilarating moment when you part with some of your money in exchange for a piece of awesomeness - YES!

Well this is one of those moment but 100 times better!

I managed to snag this pretty little bag from a store in Bandra for 500 bucks! Really! 
Ironically, the bag also says 'YES'.
When I first spotted it, I faced those same questions that every 'reformed' shopaholic faces - do I need another bag? Is it worth it? Am I going to use it as much? Will it look good on me? etc, etc.. 
And all those questions were answered with a very big, pink, over the top, and studded YES!

Another awesome buy was this pretty playsuit, all striped, cotton and colorful. And for just 100 bucks!

Look who joined me? My sweet little cat, Puchu!

Outfit Breakdown

Striped playsuit - Lokhandwala!
'YES' bag - Bag store in the linking road KFC lane
Studded belt - At an exhibition
Multi layered neck piece - Raju's store (Hill Road)
Wedges - Gifted (from Dubai)
Printed shades - Claires
Red wrist wrap - Blur accessories
Beaded bracelet - Old piece found at home.
Orange embroidered bangle - From a press release

Desi Captain America


Okay I get it, the title might not make a lot of sense, but wait till you get a load of this. Before the ramblings begin, let me focus on palazzo pants. As the temperature in Mumbai seems to be climbing crazily high, I think it's almost time to say good bye to our trusty denims and trendy coloured pants. 
No really, I'm very serious. Save them for evenings, but for the day, to keep cool, invest in something that is more weather-friendly like skirts and other bottoms that let your skin 'breathe'
Enter palazzo pants, which are so chic and cute and super duper 'airy'. Go for prints, or a solid colour, and rock the look and stay cool as well!

So here are one of my palazzo pants, that I thought would look good with a plain old tee. In came my 'Captain America' tee, which I thought was a great contrast with the pants and the entire look. A braid added to the 'desi' feel, and sunnies to beat the heat!

Palazzo pants can be very tricky to style, and overwhelming at times as well. If you need more inspiration on how to wear them, here is my Pinterest board. Yes, I did a bit of research, before this post! Ha!

Outfit Breakdown

Captain America tee - Bangkok, Khausan Street.
Red cotton palazzos - Fab India
Sunnies - Claires
Skull chain worn as bracelet - Hill Road, Raju's shop
Wedges - Irla (previously worn here)
Studded yellow sling bag - Linking Road footpath for 200 bucks!

And always remember, you wear the pants, don't let the pants wear you!

All Pictures by Sheehan

Rickshaws, yellow vans, mustaches and studs


Today, new on the blog, we have a guest. My oldest friend, or better put as 'longest known friend' (we've known each other since we were 4 years!) - Tanisha Prabhu.

Ever since we were young, we traveled to school together.. We either traveled by our school bus or 'tempo van' or in a rickshaw (when we were old enough to). The journey to school was just another adventure by itself. Although school was merely 20-25 minutes away (by rick or car), we took around 45+ minutes for the same, as the school bus/van had a route to follow, to pick other kids up. We had 'our seats' in the bus as well as 'our gang'. I genuinely miss those school bus travelling days!
In this post, we re-visit our two favorite modes of transport - the rickshaw and the tempo van.


Outfit Breakdown

On Tanisha
Dress - Colaba Causeway
Neon belt and bracelets - Splash
Studded bag - Aldo
Flats - Zara
Egyptian ring - Soap Opera
Funky book - Chamku (Facebook)
Neon sunnies - Gifted

On me
Tank top - From Tanisha's closet
Skirt - Lokhandwala
Cardigan - Hill Road
Belt - Splash
Studded convertible bag - Hongkong
Neon spiky bracelet - Borrowed from Sheehan (bought at Hill Road)
Mustache neckpiece - From Tanisha's closet (available at Raju's store at Hill Road)
Sunnies - Claires
Peep toe ballet flats - Max

Thanks to the guy who let us pose in his rickshaw and didn't stand by and gawk while we acted a bit crazy.
Thanks to Yashas Mitta who graced us with his presence, a few creative outputs and lent us his mustache book.

All pictures by Sheehan, solo picture of Tanisha in front of the van, taken by Patrick.

P.S - We're working on a lot more posts like this.. Stay tuned for more.
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Vintage tea party


Whatever happened to being dramatic and kooky?
Whatever happened to wanting to be something that you're not?
Whatever happened to wanting to have a little fun?
Whatever happened to wanting to wear an almost bridal like gown - just for digs - to prance around - and act like the total princess you are?

Welcome to my very 'vintage' tea party.. Enjoy.

Attending phone calls in between.. Turned out to be a good picture. Bravo Sheehan!

Would you like some tea?

Outfit Breakdown

 Ombre maxi dress - Forever New (old collection)
Chunky Neckpiece and 'tea party' ring - Raju's shop (Hill Road)
Bracelet - Gifted
Floral wedges - Tresmode (one of the first ever collections)

P.S - Let this post inspire you to chase your dreams, and do whatever the hell you want to!

All pictures by Sheehan.
Edits by me (on the iTouch with the 'Snapseed' app)
Location courtesy - My lovely neighbour's veranda.

How your bag could define who you are!


With a crazy number of bags (types, shapes, sizes, etc) that are available, and also the fact that we women go gaga for them all, I decided to do his post. I mean seriously, I bought five different bags, in a span of three days. And then three days later, another one. Which makes it six bags in a week? 
Out of these six bags, five are sling/across body bags! In fact I go so crazy for these type of bags, that I recently did a guest post about it as well! But of course I do enjoy other bags as well (who doesn't right?)

So here is a break down of a few types of bags, and how it could define you (or not). 

Sling bag - You are a practical person, who thinks straight and likes to travel hands-free. You could be a bit of a tomboy at times, but can be a girly princess when you want to be one. Inside your bag, will be the necessities, like your phone, ipod, sunnies, mascara, lipgloss and cash, give or take a few other random items.

Hobo bag - You are an easy-going girl. Inside your bag, might be a copy of Vogue's latest issue, a little bit of make-up including a few lipstick shades and some delicious eye make-up. With the same bag, you can manage to nail the Boho look as well as a classic modern one.

Canvas bag - You care about the environment. You don't care how much dirt sticks to your bag, or the fact that your bag may look funny when it takes on a weird shape after you put some things in it. Or maybe you just bought this bag, because it's cheap and came with a cute print, or you got it for free.

Over-sized bag - You are an obsessive person, who likes to take on extra baggage. In your bag, you'll stash in make-up to last an entire month, along with your iPad or laptop. You also might have an extra pair of shoes and a change of accessories, if you're out all day.

Clutch bag - You don't care much about your belongings.  You don't HAVE to have everything with you. Clearly, carrying more than 3-4 things (depending on the size of your clutch) is enough for you. 

Backpack - You are an adventurous girl. You either are into sports or you love to travel. You, like the messenger girl, like to have your hands free. Inside your bag, might be a bottle of water and a towel napkin along with some necessities like chap-stick and a book to read.

Fanny pack - You could either be super chic or super old-fashioned with this one. You could be a young fashionista, looking to set trends, or an elderly tourist, visiting a new country. 
P.S - You might also be a hairstylist!

Carry bags - You do not care about having a proper handbag. Or you want to show everyone, that you are all about recycling, since you are re-using a bag that you got after shopping at a store. Or, you really are an ass and want to flaunt that you just shopped at Victoria's Secret!

What kind of bag do you carry? And what kind of a person do you think you are?

All opinions and thoughts penned down in this article are my own thoughts and are not based on any research and are purely for fun. 

Stealing from the kiddie section - Again!


Another skirt found in the kid's section *score*. 

I mean how can anyone resist something as cute, chic, fluffy, ruffly and pink as this?

Moving on to the rest of the outfit, I've always wondered, how exactly to wear this heart print over-sized tee and with what. There were so many times, that I picked it out of my wardrobe, and wore it, and just before I could leave home, I took it off, because somehow, it just never seemed right. And then the skirt came to my rescue. In fact, they both happened to just lie next to each other in the cupboard! Funny thing right?!

 The belt had to be added, to balance shapes as the skirt already had it's own volume. The neon was just for fun. The bright yellow bag and purple bag seemed right as well, and I kept the jewelry to a minimum.

Outfit Breakdown

Heart print over-sized tee - Bangkok
Ruffled skirt - Clothes Rack (Gap Kids - size XXL)
Yellow bag - Haute Curry
Acid green belt - Splash
Neckpiece and bracelet - Tribal Zone
Purple suede pumps - Hill Road

Another year goes by - Outfit post


So yes, another year has gone by, for which I have been grateful for. The ups and downs and everything in between.
So am I excited to turn 24? Not really. Ask me this next year, when I can finally LEGALLY drink alcohol, thanks to Maharashtra's crazy state law!! Not that it has ever stopped me!

So since it's MY day, I decided to 'showcase' my top three favourite trends.. So here are animal prints (big surprise), neon and pastel sherbet tones rolled into one.

I think this would actually be a good party outfit, minus the bag of course. 

Outfit Breakdown

Animal Print dress (worn as top) - Forever 21
Neon bubblegum skirt - Gap Kids (Really, it's a size XXL)
Pastel bag - Haute Curry
Bracelets and silver embellished cuff - Tribal Zone
Panda neckpiece - Tribal Zone
Pumps - Irla

Guest post


Check out the guest post I wrote for The Whitescape, where I cover one of my favorite topics - Bags! Or sling bags to be more specific!