Styling for the IFF and ISAF shows


The past month has been the most hectic one for me ever.. We were working on the IFF (India fashion forum) and ISAF (India shoes and accessories forum) shows. It's an annual thing where they have fashion shows for brands. We, (just two of us) styled the shows, just like we did last year and had a lot of fun as well.

Here are some pictures from the show

Jack & Jones

Lee Cooper

Alberto Torresi - can't tell you how much I love them! P.S - scroll to the bottom to see what they gave me!
 P.S - the head pieces worn by the girls were made by my mum!

Sin - A menswear brand, that is in its starting phase, soon to be launched.

Pavers England - My favorite, because the whole nautical-sailor theme was my brainchild  and I'm proud of how it turned out.

We decided to go a bit OOTD, but everyone loved it!

Entire first look (excluding jacket), high waist sailor shorts, striped sleeve tee in the centre and the red pinstripe jacket at the end - All from Splash 

Check out that awesome blue wrap jacket from Kazo in the centre!
P.S - The Mango dress at the end! *wink*

Metro - Another crazy idea I came up with - to show a product in two different colours. So we ended up doing this crazy neon-pop colour thing. At first the models were very reluctant to wear two different coloured shoes! But the feedback was great.
P.S - The last two skirts say 'Gap kids' size XXL on the label *giggles*

 Blurry was all I got..


Banish - a footwear brand that I titled boys just want to have fun, where we started off with a jacket and down got down to basics and then bare bodies.. Major eye candy!


Elle kids - Yes Elle launched their kid's line, and it was just too cute!



There were a couple of other brands too, which I did not style for, hence no pictures!

A very bad after the show picture, where mom pulled me into the frame. I was still busy talking to clients and the brands..

And here is my small gift from Alberto Torresi
These awesome custom made colour blocked wedge booties with studs and spikes!

All pictures taken by Sheehan (while I was too busy backstage handling stuff) except for my shoe picture!

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