Stripes - your guide on how to wear Spring's hottest trend


Stripes. Stripes and Stripes. Everywhere. On the runway, on the streets, on window displays, on TV. Just every-freaking-where!

So it's safe to say, that stripes are part of the hottest trends this season.
Now we have all been advised to stay away from horizontal stripes and stick to vertical. But this time it's all about taking risks!

According to my judgement, vertical does always work best on any body type. But you needn't shy away from horizontal. Horizontal can look brilliant on skirts and dresses. 

Dresses. You can't go wrong with a striped dress can you? Actually you can..
Recently I was at a shoot, and I saw another stylist who was wearing a jersey material bodycon dress with horizontal stripes. That girl was slim and the dress would have looked great on her, but one thing that stuck out sorely was her tummy. Now it's okay to have a tummy. Almost all of us do anyway. But the trick is to cover it up. A simple belt or even a cardigan can help here.
Or even instead of a bodycon dress, go for a shift or an A-line instead. Problem solved. Easy right?

So I decided it was time to show you, two different ways to wear striped dresses. 

Now before we proceed, I have to clarify, I'm styling for a a fashion show, involving a footwear brand, and I'm working on a nautical theme for them. So I have started talking, living and breathing stripes (if you know what I mean)

So here is look 1 - Very nautical indeed. I just need a sailor hat, and I'm all set!


Why the blazer? Well my nautical theme just needed it. Also a figure hugging striped dress is not ever one's cup of tea.

Look 2 - Very fun and causal, compared top the first - (Since I'm so busy with work, I had to settle for low light pictures before a dinner I went to! Sorry guys)

A cardigan to cover the tiny bulges (if any) and a belt adds definition to the waist. Neon still continues to be a trend this season as well, so I decided to add them as accessories here.

What I love about the dress in look 1 is how well fitted it is, and it comes in 3 other colours!
What I love about the dress in look 2 is that I picked it up from the streets for 200/-

Outfit Breakdown

Look 1
Striped dress - Mango
Causal blazer - OVS
Dolce & Gabbana inspired bag - Linking road
Neckpiece and ring - Hill Road (same stall)
'Wings' - gifted
Pumps - Hill Road

Look 2
Dress - Manish shopping centre (4 bungalows)
Cardigan - Hill Road bought 'Calvin Klein'
Neckpiece - InPink
Belt - Splash (part of set of 3)
Bag - Store in Link Square mall
Flats - gifted
Rings - Blur

Here are some ways to incorporate stripes into your daily wardrobe.

For beginners - The striped shirt
Striped shirt
Lets start off with a peekaboo effect. Wear a striped shirt and a cardigan over it (layered affect), buttoned all the way up. Lets the striped collar peek out, and fold your sleeves to have the stripes peek in again. Folds could be wrist level or 3/4. Complete with appropriate accessories.

For the beginner - A striped accessory
Striped bag
Lets try another one. Still not too keen on stripes, carry a bag instead. Or wear striped shoes, or a scarf, or a belt. Basically any cute striped accessory that catches your eye

For the Fashionista - A striped blazer
Striped blazer
Another way to channel the trend is with a blazer. No one can go wrong with that right? 

For the Fashionista - A striped skirt
Striped skirt
No need for nice legs to wear this now. Make sure the stripes are not too big and wide. Especially if you are curvy on the hips and butt.

For the bold - Striped trousers/denims
Striped Pants
I hate saying this, but to wear these pants, please make sure you have nice legs. Now to define nice legs - I mean shapely legs. Even if you are a size 14, if your legs are toned, go for it. Seeing wobbly bits wobble, is a big turn off. However if you are still keen on them, wear a longer tee/tunic shirt that covers the problem areas.

For the bold - A striped dress
Striped dress
Ready to try the dress? A good mix of vertical and horizontal stripes make this a dream dress. Really.

For the pros - Stripe clash!
Stripes vs stripes
If you are a risk-taker, this one is for you. The head to toe stripe look. Now do you dare?

Get your dose of stripes from stores like Only, Vero Moda, Mango, French Connection and Zara.

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