Made to Drape - Sarees


Remember the old post from last year, where I wore a saree? Like I mentioned, that saree was from 'Made to Drape' a small label, the brainchild of my mother and myself.

It's funny really. No one would ever associate me, or even my mum with sarees. It all went down in 2011. We had a family wedding. I have a few Gujarati cousins, so it was a different kind of affair for us. Usually the weddings I go to, I wear dresses. Like typical Catholic stuff.
So this time, we had to (or rather wanted to) wear sarees. So we wasted a lot of time, shopping for mine. Finally when it was turn to buy mum's I got super bored, and because I was also extremely lazy, I told mom to just buy fabric, and we'll attach a lace to the ends and make a saree instead.

So this is what we came up with.

The first ever Made to Drape saree.

My mum's saree was complimented a lot at that wedding. Everyone asked where she bought it from. And when they heard that we made it, we got many 'can you make one for me too?'
That was when and where we realized, we might have a bit of talent.

And thus that was the beginning of our label.

Here are a few of our sarees.

Most of these sarees can be made in any desired colour. Price ranges from 2000 to about 10,000, depending on fabric, embroidery, etc.
We were told to open up a website of our own, but we prefer operating from Facebook, and clients are welcome to come home, if they want anything specific, or to look at the sarees closely.

We have also made a couple of bridal reception sarees for a few clients, and mum has shipped her sarees to Australia, Singapore and Canada as well. 

6 Comments so far

  1. Wow, those sarees are gorgeous! :) you and your mom have done a good job.

  2. My God, they're gorgeous! I don't have the height or stature for a saree but the pink and gold is so, so beautiful <3

  3. Wow...the sarees are mind bowing..especially the 3rd, 4th, 11th, 16th and 17th!! It's too gorgeous!!!!

  4. This is so cool! Had no idea about your venture with your mom. Such an interesting story behind it all..and your collection is indeed gorgeous! :)


  5. Thanks everyone :-)
    Because I'm so busy with my crazy work schedule, mum handles most of it herself.. I just give a little input now and then..

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