The calm before the storm


Have I mentioned how much I love the area where I live? If not, here it is. 
Every nook and corner is just so pretty. I have neighbors that like to have fun with their colours!

So this is my everyday lane. From the time I was young, I passed through this to go to school every day, and now it's the same for work.
It's a chipped and cheery yellow, that we (Sheehan and me) thought was just so cute, and very apt for the next post.

Also I was just waiting to show off this pretty dress. Mum and me found this cotton fabric at Thakur's in Bandra, and I wanted something so plain yet cute, so that the print (which is brilliant I must say) is the main focus. So I added blue accents, with the neck piece, bag and the streak in my hair!

It was soon after this shoot that I fell sick, and I'm still recovering. So please excuse the lack of pictures (unlike my usual ones) and the dopey eyes!

Outfit Breakdown

Dress - Tailored
Turquoise bag and gold glitter belt - Cupidity by Karishma & Masumi
Neckpiece - Borrowed from the studio
Shoes - Hill Road
Brown wrist cuff - Blur
Watch - Can't remember (found it in a drawer at home and it doesn't work)
Green bracelet - DIY with an old faded bracelet

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  1. That is such a cute skirt!! :)

  2. OMG i loved your frock. It is so pretty and chic...!!!

  3. Awesome blog! And I love your pictures aswell :D

  4. I love the pumps! The entire outfit is so well pulled together.

  5. I love the complete look


  6. Aww I love your outfit! The dress is so unique and the blue accessories are perfect!

  7. Its so amazing that you tailored this dress...looks amazing!
    Also the neckalace and belt are fitting for its quirkiness..

    Love the lane where you live too, I adore the tiny lanes of Bandra!
    Shubhi's Revels!

  8. That is an amazing dress, love it, you look great :)

  9. Totally loving the turquoise bag and neckpiece. And the print of your dress is absolutely adorable.
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  10. Love the outfit especially the neckpiece! Where can I buy/borrow it from?

  11. Thanks! This neck piece was bought from Kolkata actually.
    Here are a few similar ones --- (they have many colours)

  12. oh how cute is the everything about the post :) n get well soon
    do drop by

  13. LOvely shoes and clutch :)