Shopping Ban - Week 4


Three more days as of now. Just three! T-H-R-E-E!

It's funny, generally I'm really not a mad shopaholic. I don't feel the need to shop. But this restriction, has been driving me crazy.

This week I dug into my fabric bag for all the cloth pieces I have, and I do have a number of them, various prints and colours. Things that caught my eye at first, and then I've raved about how pretty they were, and what I was going to do with them, and then be too lazy to actually do anything about them!

So these are a few of which I pulled out. Believe me, there are a lot more. 
I was supposed to make sketches for them too, but I was just too busy with work to do any.

This kite print one

A closer look.
I'm not too fond of the white background, hence I didn't do anything with this yet. So I thought a skirt would be good. So that I can wear a dark tee or blouse with it.

Something on the lines of these. With a slit maybe like the Forever 21 skirt in the center.

A crazy animal print
I just LOVE this print. The colours too! Also it reminded me of House of Holland's SS 2012 prints!
The reason I haven't used it yet, is because I wanted to make the best use out of it. No mistakes here. I had to rack my head till I came up with this.

A plain dark colour peplum jacket, with my printed fabric as the lining on the inner collar and sleeves, so that it shows when I roll them up, and this Peter Pilotto skirt inspired pencil skirt.
I think it's an awesome runway look!

A floral one
Jason Wu is my inspiration for this print. 
The colours and the composition are some what similar. So I will be making a cute breezy dress. I'm going to go with the pattern in the middle and use contrasting neon in the middle for the placket, the belt and even the piping and in the finishing of the bottom. 

This military-ish (sort of)
I really have no other name for this. It's just a random design.
So I thought on the lines of these high-low dresses.

Heart print!
Heart print dresses are always frilly and come with ruffles, and you know what? I think I'm fine with that.

P.S - the one in the centre is a kid's design *red face* but I still think it's cute!

Pleated neon
A lovely but very tricky neon..

Either I stick to a plain dress somewhat like the Halston Heritage one, or colour block it, or add a black or another plain coloured non-pleated fabric as the bodice or put my DIY ombre skills to the ultimate test..

There are still more fabrics, but I can't come up with anything else..

Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!

Grey background with a neon 'love' all over.. 
I thought of using this as a scarf.

Not too fond of this, but I still have it.

My love for cats have stopped me from doing anything to this.. I'm thinking of first dyeing this to another color, like a teal or an emerald green.
Or even an orange. Then  this could become my Halloween dress!

Another heart print.

I somehow don't like this shade of pink. Any suggestions? It's a soft cotton.

Another cotton piece. A little too over-printed for my taste. But I love the fiery orange in the middle.

PLEASE, please, please, help me!

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  1. I love the cat print one - Make a shirt out of it with some fancy gold buttons or something! It's so great to see how you're working with whatever you've got during the ban - so resourceful :)

  2. Wow, these are all such great fabrics. And honestly, you seem to have really great ideas of what to do with them. So go ahead and take the plunge. Don't overthink it! I'm sure your ideas will translate very well to the final product.

    And just 3 more days? Wow! I have 3 more weeks! lol


  3. Wohoo!!! You have almost made it, my lady!!!

    Also, LOVEEE the prints. Sounds like a great creative plunge. Take it.

    ∞ © ∞

  4. Thanks for your comment - and congratulation on your shopping ban!

  5. LOvely post!