Shopping ban - Week 3


Three full weeks. Can you believe that? Because I certainly can't.
I'ts not like I shop every single day or week. It's just that when I see something I like, or if I come across a good deal, I have to get it. Sounds same right? I mean that is every woman.
But actually banning yourself from it, make you see a lot more and want a lot more. It's reverse psychology.

This week was a busy week. I hardly had time to even look at things or go sourcing. It was home - office - home. That's about it.

But the last weekend that went by was probably the hardest. As some of you may know, I was in Goa.
Goa has all these crazy touristy places, more than half of which are shopping destinations with really inexpensive things (if you bargain well) So yes, it was really tough for me.

I came across some drool-worthy stuff. But simply just walked away.

Look at that face! : (

Okay let me share a conversation I had with Sheehan while packing for Goa.

Me : Sucks that I can't shop in Goa.
Sheehan : But why not?
Me : The shopping ban! For the blog!
She : Oh yeah. But are you serious? That's so not you.
Me : That's why it's a challenge.
She : But you're still gonna shop right? Who's gonna know?
Me : I'll know

And I really didn't shop.
This prices were just too good to be true. To most it would look like junk, but I love buying things like these and personalizing them.

But the shopping Gods were good to me.

There was a dress that I saw, that was completely black, with all animals printed all over in various colours. I found it pretty cute. Sheehan noticed how my eyes gleamed at the dress and claimed that she wanted it, and after the purchase was made, she even said, how she knew I was going to wear it!

Not sure if this counts, but we love to light incense sticks at home. We like exotic scents like strawberry that are pretty hard to find as compared to the regular sandalwood and mogra. We came across these, 25 different ones in a box, which my mother claimed wasn't really a shopping thing, but she still bought it for us.

So yay for me!

Also if you remember the post from week 2, where I had so many clothes with tags still attached? I made it a point to wear as much of them as I could.

So I wore all of these in Goa.

The dress from Colaba Causeway and the shades from Claire's

The Vero Moda dress. See the full post here

The Mela dress. See the full post here

The playsuit that Sheehan got for me.

So this was a week that went pretty well I should say. Besides a few  times in Goa, no other temptations. My ban ends on 13th February. So I'm counting the days!

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  1. You did such a good job of resisting! I can only imagine how tough it must have been to overlook all the goodies in Goa. But you did a great job of wearing all the unworn stuff in your closet. Those dresses are all very cute!


  2. 3 weeks? wow, congrats!
    i'm doing something similar, shopping only items I need (really need) and i cant make myself, so sticking to basic shoes and a bag so far...
    have a lovely day,