Splash SS'13 LIVE


As most of you know already, Splash had a very generous competition, to allow one Indian blogger a free pass to the Splash show in Dubai. June Biswas was the lucky one, picked and will attend the show.

Splash, however, is streaming their show LIVE! So you don't have to wait for pictures and videos, when you can relax and watch the entire show, in the comfort of your own homes!

Head2Heels will be streaming the show as well. So you can scroll down, right to the bottom of the page, and watch the show with me.  The show airs at Friday, 22nd Feb at 10:30 pm (GMT +4)

P.S - They have a countdown on their page, making it a lot more fun and exciting!

So gear up in your pretty jammies and get set to see oodles of style!

The calm before the storm


Have I mentioned how much I love the area where I live? If not, here it is. 
Every nook and corner is just so pretty. I have neighbors that like to have fun with their colours!

So this is my everyday lane. From the time I was young, I passed through this to go to school every day, and now it's the same for work.
It's a chipped and cheery yellow, that we (Sheehan and me) thought was just so cute, and very apt for the next post.

Also I was just waiting to show off this pretty dress. Mum and me found this cotton fabric at Thakur's in Bandra, and I wanted something so plain yet cute, so that the print (which is brilliant I must say) is the main focus. So I added blue accents, with the neck piece, bag and the streak in my hair!

It was soon after this shoot that I fell sick, and I'm still recovering. So please excuse the lack of pictures (unlike my usual ones) and the dopey eyes!

Outfit Breakdown

Dress - Tailored
Turquoise bag and gold glitter belt - Cupidity by Karishma & Masumi
Neckpiece - Borrowed from the studio
Shoes - Hill Road
Brown wrist cuff - Blur
Watch - Can't remember (found it in a drawer at home and it doesn't work)
Green bracelet - DIY with an old faded bracelet

A single girl's guide to V-day


Since I'm single this V-day, I thought of what I could do. The thinking was fun, because I came up with a lot of ideas and plans. So here are my top 10 things to do on Valentine's day..

Have a 'date' with the family
It could be either with your parents or your sibling (if you're both single and get along really well)
Fun suggestion : Go to a bar for drinks with your dad!

Get a cuddly-buddy
Have a cuddle session with your pets. Be it a cat or a dog, be comforted by your animals. I mean, how can you say no to these faces?

Girl's night out!
Gather all your single girl friends, dress up, and go out. Turn heads. If you're lucky, you might be the cause of another couple's break-up! *wink wink*

Be naughty
Gather your notorious gang, go to couple hot spots, like Reclamation and Marine Drive (or whatever else you have in your respective city), and annoy the crap out of other couples. Make kiss-y noises, point and laugh.
Fun suggestion : If you are bold, just walk up to a guy, and yell 'GAY' loudly as his astonished girlfriend looks on by.

Spa day
Pamper yourself and a friend/family member to a hot relaxing massage. 

Quiet night-in
Settle in bed with a nice rented movie/book you've wanted to read for a while now, with some cupcakes or/and green tea. Chinese take-out sounds yum too. 
Fun suggestion : invite a friend or two and watch horror movies!

Go anti V-day!
Organize an Anti-Valentines day party with other V-day haters, like in the movie Valentine's day. Or burn some old bad memories like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S (but be careful!)

Go Shopping!
Retail therapy = the best therapy.. No need to elaborate here. We all know it!

Watch the repeats of the Manchester United VS Real Madrid match!
Okay so you're not into sports.. But I'm sure one of these pretty boys are worth watching!

Expect some major eye-candy

Carry on with life..

Who cares if it's V-day? More than 50% or even more (I made those stats up) don't even care about the day. Nothing special in in. Why do you need a special day to share love or hate, when you have the entire year?

 I still haven't planned my day yet. But I have all these fabulous options. And my shopping ban officially ends today! So yay for me!

All images from Google, will be impossible to credit each!

Opposites attract - SPLASH


I remember my trips to Dubai when I was younger. Strolling around in the gigantic malls, freaking out at every single store, staring at window displays for hours. Thats where I was introduced to the brand Splash.
A very simple, affordable but stylish label, with a number of cutesy pieces to their collection. Always.

Luckily for me, my aunts in Dubai, who always get loads of things for us, whenever they visit, knew exactly what my sister and me love, and always shopped at those stores for us.
Splash eventually did make it to India, but there is no comparison, if you compare the collection in UAE and the one available here in Mumbai. 

My favorite picks from Splash's new collection are below.

Emerald might be the colour of the year, but I still see Tangerine flashbacks.

While the blazer is not exactly bright orange, it is a cute subtle peachy-coral shade, which is just so yummy.
Printed bottoms are bang on trend again this season. 
A plain white blouse balances the girly coral blazer and the edgy print of the pants.
Earrings with spikes (edgy) and a floral gold bracelet (girly) are few of the accessories that complete the look.
Adding a bit of colour is the navy ring and an owl neck piece (another trend that's here to stay, thank you Harry Potter!)
And finally, the finishing touches, some serious shades, to avoid eye contact, because believe me, with this, there will be a lot of it!

Get set, to turn heads!

Shopping Ban - Week 4


Three more days as of now. Just three! T-H-R-E-E!

It's funny, generally I'm really not a mad shopaholic. I don't feel the need to shop. But this restriction, has been driving me crazy.

This week I dug into my fabric bag for all the cloth pieces I have, and I do have a number of them, various prints and colours. Things that caught my eye at first, and then I've raved about how pretty they were, and what I was going to do with them, and then be too lazy to actually do anything about them!

So these are a few of which I pulled out. Believe me, there are a lot more. 
I was supposed to make sketches for them too, but I was just too busy with work to do any.

This kite print one

A closer look.
I'm not too fond of the white background, hence I didn't do anything with this yet. So I thought a skirt would be good. So that I can wear a dark tee or blouse with it.

Something on the lines of these. With a slit maybe like the Forever 21 skirt in the center.

A crazy animal print
I just LOVE this print. The colours too! Also it reminded me of House of Holland's SS 2012 prints!
The reason I haven't used it yet, is because I wanted to make the best use out of it. No mistakes here. I had to rack my head till I came up with this.

A plain dark colour peplum jacket, with my printed fabric as the lining on the inner collar and sleeves, so that it shows when I roll them up, and this Peter Pilotto skirt inspired pencil skirt.
I think it's an awesome runway look!

A floral one
Jason Wu is my inspiration for this print. 
The colours and the composition are some what similar. So I will be making a cute breezy dress. I'm going to go with the pattern in the middle and use contrasting neon in the middle for the placket, the belt and even the piping and in the finishing of the bottom. 

This military-ish (sort of)
I really have no other name for this. It's just a random design.
So I thought on the lines of these high-low dresses.

Heart print!
Heart print dresses are always frilly and come with ruffles, and you know what? I think I'm fine with that.

P.S - the one in the centre is a kid's design *red face* but I still think it's cute!

Pleated neon
A lovely but very tricky neon..

Either I stick to a plain dress somewhat like the Halston Heritage one, or colour block it, or add a black or another plain coloured non-pleated fabric as the bodice or put my DIY ombre skills to the ultimate test..

There are still more fabrics, but I can't come up with anything else..

Suggestions and ideas are always welcome!

Grey background with a neon 'love' all over.. 
I thought of using this as a scarf.

Not too fond of this, but I still have it.

My love for cats have stopped me from doing anything to this.. I'm thinking of first dyeing this to another color, like a teal or an emerald green.
Or even an orange. Then  this could become my Halloween dress!

Another heart print.

I somehow don't like this shade of pink. Any suggestions? It's a soft cotton.

Another cotton piece. A little too over-printed for my taste. But I love the fiery orange in the middle.

PLEASE, please, please, help me!

Facebook page!


So I've finally gotten to it.

The Head2Heels facebook page is up. Stay connected. Share opinions, ask questions, get more updates, etc

My Lyst lust list


Try saying the title 6 times.

Okay nothing special, but it was fun to say.
So since my Shopping ban is STILL on, till the 13th of this month, I gave not really stepped out of my house (besides work and a few other social activities) but no visits to Hill Road or Linking Road for the past two weeks now. It's not like I'm a hardcore shopaholic, but even when I go with no intention of shopping, my keen eyes always tend to find a really good bargain.

 Like once I found an Accessorize-esque sling bag with the Union Jack and some badges on it for just 500! And another recent time, I found another sling bag which I shall explain with pictures..

Okay remember the Dolce and Gabbana star collection that was (and still kinda is) a big rage?

They had this clutch on Net-a-porter for £860

Dolce & Gabbana Star-cutout leather clutch

Gorgeous right?

Now look at what I found. Brace yourselves please!

Are you screaming already? Mine's better because again I paid just Rs.500, and mine is double sided! And much more cooler I guess. Although a bit of it is already starting to peel off, I think I'm going to do a little of a DIY and probably add some glitter after a few more wears.

So anyways, I love to stay on top of trends and see whats happening (I mean who doesn't?). I register to sites that I can't afford, just to see what's being sold. And then when I come across something similar on the streets, I buy it in a flash!

So without further ado, here is my Lyst list..

Casadei Pumps in Black - Lyst
Casadei suede pumps with neon detailing..
I'm a sucker for neon details.. Remember this DIY I did a while ago?

Marc Jacobs Quilted Wellies in Blue (dark blue) - Lyst
Marc Jacob quilted wellies
Perfect for the Indian rains!

One Vintage Elise Tunic in Multicolor (black) - Lyst
One Vintage tunic
How divinely beautiful is this piece?

Acne Alexis Degrade Dress in White - Lyst
Acne ombre dress
My ombre obsession continues. I have loads of dye, and I'm waiting for a nice long day, where I can put my true DIY skills to the test!

Alice + Olivia Acid Wash Skinny Jean in Gray (grey) - Lyst
Alice + Olivia acid wash jeans
Every Rockstar needs one of these!

Moschino Cheap & Chic Embellished Dress in Black - Lyst
Moschino Cheap & Chic black embellished dress
I love this version of the LBD. No need to accessorise!

M Missoni Knitted Aline Dress in Black - Lyst
M Missoni knitted dress
Perfect little summer dress!

Dolce & Gabbana Lace Print Tote in Beige (nude) - Lyst
Dolce & Gabbana beige tote
I have seen a few copies of these already.. Once my shopping ban is done, maybe I'll get them!

Asos Colour Stone Chain Bracelet in Gold (multi) - Lyst
Asos stone bracelet
No arm party will be complete without this beauty!

Moschino Cheap & Chic Rainboots Wellies in Beige - Lyst
Moschino Cheap & Chic wellies
Indian rains? My every increasing animal print obsession? YES!

Topshop Neoprene Satchel in Green (lime) - Lyst
Topshop neon satchel.
Who can say no to this? I mean seriously?

Moschino Cheap & Chic Medium Leather Bag in Black (noir) - Lyst

Moschino Cheap & Chic medium bag
So gorgeous. Perfect for V-day. Is there someone who want's to buy me this?

Moschino Cheap & Chic Leather Boat Trip Bag in Beige (cream) - LystMoschino Cheap & Chic Leather Boat Trip Bag in Beige (cream) - Lyst
Moschino Cheap &Chic beige boat bag
I love quirky stuff. This makes my list!
Michael Kors Marina Shoulder Tote in Blue (navy) - Lyst
Michael Kors tote 
Another obsession of mine is the nautical theme. I think my next tattoo will be an anchor.

Iro Ashville Jacket in Pink - Lyst
Iro leather jacket
How bad-ass is this?

Asos Collection Asos Silky Maxi Skirt with Double Split in Black - Lyst
Asos Collection skirt with double slits
Summer in India, where you need to feel the breeze, yet save your legs from the harsh sun!

Topshop Fluro Boucle Pelmet Skirt in Green (multi bright) - Lyst
Topshop skirt
For my next UV light party!

Christopher Kane Pleated Mini Skirt in Green (mint) - Lyst
Christopher Kane pleated mini skirt
Candy and sorbet colours are the rage this season!

Balmain Brocadeeffect Velvet Skirt in Black - Lyst
Balmain black brocade effect velvet skirt
LOVE this!

And because I'm a crazy dreamer, and then there's been the Oscars and more closer home in India, other award shows, and I've been looking at celebrities in their pretty gowns and what not, so I decided to compile my Red Carpet Lust List.

If I ever become famous, here is what I would wear.


Look 1 -  Roland Mouret fuchsia strapless, Dolce & Gabbana strappy heel sandals, Marc by Marc Jacobs bronze ring, Oscar de la Renta black chandelier drop earrings, Oscar de la Renta black miniaudiere cork clutch.

Look 2 - Giambattista Valli floral print maxi and platinum pumps, Diane Von Furstenberg black box clutch, Versace Greek earrings and Medusa ring.

Look 3 - Alexander McQueen black evening dress, Casadei purple sandals, Emilio Pucci aubergine bracelet, Asos gold faceted stud earrings, French Connection multi mosiac box clutch.

Look 4 - Lanvin one shoulder gown, Christian Louboutin python leather pumps, Valentino fuchsia leather box clutch, Erickson Beamon patchwork ring and earrings.

Look 5 - Vionnet metallic gown, Valentino black studded strappy pumps, Oscar de la Renta navy crystal drop earrings, Lanvin gold rectangular mirror clutch, Erickson Beamon gold double ring.

Look 6 - Calvin Klein red backless jersey gown, Gucci two-tone suede sandals, Erickson Beamon emerald ring and earrings, Valentino satin crystal clutch.